Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Channel Cat Tales 7 mile Island!

Smithsonian Exhibit opens this weekend!
This is a photograph of the Levee break at Seven Mile Island during the Flood of 1943.

Seven Mile Island is above Vincennes on the Wabash River, approx 7 miles.  The island is two miles below the Belgrade Landing.  This view is looking north, up the Wabash River.  Note the massive levee break on the Russell-Allison Levee.  Also note, that the Wabash River is about to make a sharp bend to the west, the Belgrade Landing being somewhere on the sharp bend of the river as it goes back to the east.

To really understand why flooding has been the norm in Lawrence County over the years, you need to view the new exhibit at the History Center--a 8 x 24 ft bar graph complete with stories and photographs.  So mark your calendars for next 6 weeks so you can visit and bring your friends.  YOU will be amazed at  the History Center's new look!