Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Accident Fatal to 13 year old Boy 1930

Accident is Fatal to Thirteen Year Old Boy

Aug 1, 1930 Otis Davis, aged 13 years, was instantly killed this morning at 7:30 when he was knocked down and run over by a hay baler which was being moved from the Milton Stevenson farm to the Davis Farm.  He was crushed about the head and chest and his neck was broken.
The Davis family lives on the C E Gerhart farm east of Birds. This morning the boy, with his father and older brother, went to the Stevenson farm after a power hay baler with which they were going to move to another location.

The baler was being moved with a team of horses. Otis was walking along near the front of the baler. A chuck hole in the lot caused the baler to tilt to one side and knocked the boy down.  The wheels of the heavy baler passed over him, causing instant death.

Dr J W  Montgomery was called but was out on another call.  Dr Highsmith of Flat Rock was then called but when he arrived he announced the lad was dead.  Burial was to be  in the Dunkard Cemetery near Centerville. (Centerville Cemetery)   Besides the parents, Otis leaves two sisters and eight brothers. One brother, Norval, well- know football star, has been located in Kansas for some time.