Saturday, August 13, 2016

21 Days until the Smithsonian Arrives and St Francisville Button Factory

21 days until the Smithsonian Exhibit Opens!

This is a drawing of the button factory in St Francisville by Lowella Jones. This button factory was used to cut button blanks our of mussel shells harvested from the Wabash River in the early 1900's. Each shell averaged four to five button blanks.  A button punch machine, similar to the type used in St Francisville, on loan  from the museum at Mt Carmel will be on display during the Smithsonian exhibit, Sept 3-Oct 15 at our History Center. 

 Ladies! You won't want to miss this! While your guy is looking at this machine you will want to check out the custom jewelry from vintage buttons made and designed by Wanda Sechrest for sale at the History Center.  

This is late in being posted but a big thank you to the 3rd Annual Photo Contest Winners.  We had wonderful entries.  You can view these on our website now.   Thanks to John Hamilton for organizing this event. To see Photos click here .