Thursday, July 21, 2016

WWI Speaking Group

 Annelise “Anni” Morris will present a program on the black pioneer families of Lawrence County at the next meeting of the Lawrence County Historical Society on Monday, July 25, at 7:00 p.m., at the History Center on the corner of 12th and State in Lawrenceville.

Lawrenceville Republican January 24, 1918

Four-Minute Men

A meeting was held at the county court room Monday afternoon at four o’clock to discuss methods of publicity for the various war needs as they come along. After much discussion it was decided to organize a company of “Four-Minute Men.”

These men are volunteers, and agree to talk four minutes anywhere and at any time called upon. Organization was effected by election of A.J. Faust as chairman. In all succeeding Red Cross or YMCA or Liberty Bond drives these men will go anywhere at any time and speak just four minutes upon the needs of the hour.

Just now there is a drive for the sale of Thrift Saving Stamps being planned. These men are now to speak on this theme. Public meetings may be planned at which longer addresses may be made, but the “Four-Minute Men” are to speak at Sunday schools, churches, lodges, theaters, schools, etc. Anywhere people may assemble, and only use four minutes of time.

The movement is to be county -wide, and volunteers will be enrolled from everywhere. The campaign in each township will be handled through the “Public Welfare Committee” of the Council of National Defense in each township, the speakers being furnished by the “Four-Minute Men” Organization.

Some of the Volunteers are:

R.M. Shaw
A.M. Gee
N.M. Tohill
S.J. Gee
B.O. Sumner
L.B. Fish
A.L. Maxwell
G.B. Williams
O.W. Longenecker
C.H. Parriott
George Lackey
C.F. Breen
Guy McGaughey
P.W. Kensler
J.E. McGaughey
A.J. Faust
F.W. Keller