Monday, July 4, 2016

Racetracks in the County

The question for the day is: How many racetracks have there been in the County? Do we have any researchers interested in this topic?


Pinkstaff:  We have published some earlier articles about this. There was one, possibly two,  there.

Birds:  The main street in Birds was advertised as a race track by the town council.

Hadley: 970 North Cedar Lane and 100 Hadley Road according to H Fiscus. Land was owned by Douglas & Newman in the early 1950s and early 60s, sold to P Cummings then later to H Smith then R Smith. The track was across from Hadley school, and in the mid 1960s the outline of the racetrack could  still be seen from the air.


Airport:  Racing on the Strip?

Allison Prairie:  One by Westport? and one by Industrial Park???

Sumner:  South of Sumner in recent years....


Anyone willing to do research or dig up photos, please contact us.
You never know wht you will turn up that will help someone. For Example:

M Horrell sent a request for information: My great-grandfather, Aaron Hughes, was from Ohio but lived in Lawrence County (Bond) after the Civil War.  He was injured in the first day of battle at Stones River, Tennessee, and captured. After the war, he and his wife Mary Jane Bowman Hughes purchased land in Lawrence County. He died at the age of 55 on 27 June, 1895 and was buried at Derr Cemetery. 

His son (my grandfather), William Owen Hughes, attended Vincennes U. in the early 1890's and was a notary and lawyer in Vincennes by 1895. His father's death caused my grandfather to give up his law practice and move back to Lawrence County to work on the farm.  My grandfather also married within weeks of his father's death. Their first son, Clyde (my uncle) was born in Vincennes in 1897 and their daughter (my aunt) Juanita in Lawrence County in 1900, but the family left for Tennessee by 1902.

So, if you have any information about events around this time that you would like to share or could direct me toward, I would appreciate it. I never knew any of these people, except for my aunt, so this research will shed some light on how we got to where we are. My parents never kept strong ties with their parents, and shared little about the family with us.

J King  responded.  By searching the Vincennes newspapers on line he found that Aaron Hughes died at his home in Lawrence County of lung trouble resulting from lagrippe.  (Newspaper dated June 28, 1895.) For you who may also want to research from the comfort of your armchairs, check out

Mr Horrell was also able to find an article about the death of his great uncle Mark Hughes on this blog. 

Mr Horrell said: You should know that nowhere on or any of the other similar places I have looked is the date or cause of Mark’s death known.  I think no one ever looked for it either.  What a shame. I believe he was not married and left no descendants to search for him.  Glad I did.  When I spoke with Will Gibson at the courthouse, he named some deaths from the Hughes family in his files, but this one appeared to have not been recorded. Now I can provide the date and circumstances for Mark’s death.  Wow. Thanks.