Monday, July 18, 2016

New AME Church 1916

 Lawrenceville Republican June 29, 1916

New AME Church
Members of this Organization Let Contract and are preparing to Build New Church

The members of the African Methodist Episcopal Church of Lawrenceville will build a new church home. Ever since the class was organized they have been meeting in one of the basement rooms of the court house. There has been growth in the class until now and its member’s number thirty six. Regular services are held, prayer meeting each week, preaching by Rev. Washington of Pinkstaff and Sunday school.

There has been need of a church home for some time. Two lots have been purchased of T.M. Calvert, one facing west on Eleventh Street immediately in front of Ash as it goes to twelfth street, the other lies immediately east and faced Tenth Street. The one on Eleventh Street has been paid for by the membership, and on it is to built the church. Subscription papers have been circulated and $500 in good subscriptions have been secured.

Monday night the officials met and let the contract to Joseph Cook, contractor and builder. The building is to be a frame structure, 26 by 38 feet in size, and to rest on a solid foundation of brick and concrete blocks. The ceiling is to be 16 feet high and a vestibule is to be at the entrance. The contract price is $872, the building complete except painting and seating. It is hopeful that the new building will be ready by September 1st.

The membership has been kindly treated in this enterprise as their need for a church is manifest to all.

Ed Note: The researchers believe the building is now for sale.