Friday, July 1, 2016

Channel Cat Tales: Smithsonian Custom Crates Arriving Soon

N and J King and D Burton attended the Installation workshop for the Smithsonian traveling exhibit a few weeks ago at Franklin Grove, IL. It was our first chance to see the actual exhibit and it is AWESOME! 

The first thing we have to do though is pick it up at the Mahomet site the week before Labor Day. Illinois Humanities, the agency working with the Smithsonian, is working with the Illinois National Guard to see if they can help with moving the exhibit around the state, but there is no official word yet. 

If arrangements cannot be made at the state level, then we are on our own to make arrangements. 

The custom crates will require 2 -26’ rental trucks or a semi-trailer truck to move them.  The crates cannot be stacked and they weigh about 300 pounds each. They have wheels so they are easy to move around but way too heavy to lift down from the truck so a lift gate is required.

WE have three options:

Ask our local National Guard Unit if they can help while the wheels of bureaucracy are turning slowly in Chicago and Springfield. (If a reader knows anyone there with authority to speak with us, please contact us.)

Rent trucks ourselves.  If we do this, we will need donations to assist with the cost.

The last option would be if a reader out there has access to a semi-truck that we could use. .. preferable with a lift gate.  For this, the company would be named as a sponsor for the exhibit, and would have each member of the Society’s never ending appreciation!

WE will keep you posted, but please consider helping us with this dilemma.