Friday, July 22, 2016

Channel Cat Tales- 80 lb Catfish and Several New Bridges

 Channel Cat Tales

March 14, 1883-from Bird Station
 All of our town was under water during the floods. We were without mail from the south for a week.
 The old flouring mill of Russellville succumbed to the raging Wabash last week.

Oct 11, 1882-under Charlottlesville news
Because her "fella" went back on her, a Miss Lewis attempted to suicide a few days ago by jumping into the river.

December 12, 1883
Every time there is a two hour rain in the town of Birds, fifteen miles south of Robinson, is completely submerged and its citizens go about in boats, so we are informed.

July 18, 1883 The Cleveland Bridge Company will commence putting up the iron bridge across the Ambraw today.

August 27, 1883
The iron bridge across the Embarrass river sat Charlottsville has at last been finished, and the citizens of Bond and Petty townships, in Lawrence county, will unite in a celebration in commemoration of its completion on September 29th. Able speakers have been invited.

June 4, 1884
A cat-fish was caught in the mill wheel, on the Ambraw river at Lawrenceville, a few days ago which weighed about eighty pounds

June 25, 1884
A man by the name of King was drowned in the Embarrass river at Lawrenceville Wednesday night last while bathing.

Jan 7, 1885
The wagon bridge art Lawrenceville was washed out last week.

Mar 4, 1885
Lawrenceville has voted to build a new bridge to span the Embarrass river at that place, the old one having washed away a short time ago
A petition has been circulating in Lawrence county asking the legislature to appropriate $50,000 to improve and clean out the Ambraw river to prevent loss to farmers from overflow.