Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Broken Booze Bottle 1924

Lawrenceville Republican January 3, 1924

Drop Bottle of Booze While Getting Out of Car
Automobile Searched After Drivers Make Hasty Departure

Sheriff Simms, this morning is searching for two men who Friday, drove a Buick Six automobile in front of Thorn’s clothing store and left it here.

As the men were getting out of the car, one of them dropped a pint bottle of booze out of his pocket which broke on the pavement. The two men however, did not wait to see if they could salvage any of the contents.

Sheriff Simms appeared on the scene and noticed the bouquet in the atmosphere and found the broken bottle and the contents flowing merrily down the curb sewer. Careful and “watchful waiting” on the part of officials was kept all day on the car but the owner or driver failed to reappear. This may be due to the fact that a search of the car revealed a gallon jug, wrapped up in a gunny sack, containing a quantity of liquor.

About seven o’clock the Sheriff took the car to Rolla Gray’s for storage where it is still awaiting the claimant.

The car bears an Indiana license number 196512. Word from the officials at Vincennes states that this license was issued to Burley Wilkins  of North Second Street in Vincennes.