Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday Update

  • ·         Thanks to the Rotary Club for inviting D. Burton to their meeting to share some of the Historical Society’s projects.  Our members are always happy and willing to speak to groups about Lawrence County History.  
  • ·         Several family reunion groups have contacted us to help with their research.
  • ·         The Smithsonian exhibit will be in Lawrenceville in 70 days.
  • ·          N King and her group of dedicated volunteers are busy designing the companion exhibits. If you want to volunteer please stop by the history center any Monday. 
  • ·         Donations are being accepted  for sponsorship of an exhibit.  Be a part of the Smithsonian event. Sponsorships start as low as $100. 
  • ·         Membership forms can be found on the website Please join if you are a regular reader of the blog!
  • ·         Meeting Monday night—History of Akin Seed Company 7:00 History Center (previously called the Museum)
  • ·         We now have over 150,000 hits on the blog with 1773 posts.  Over 300 of you subscribe!
  • ·         B Smith commented about the blog this week.  J Petty loved the story written by Louise Diver.  We love to get those comments!
  • ·         Tammy Parker and Katie Kiser and their great bunch of students at LTHS and RHHS are doing wonderful things with the new equipment furnished by the Smithsonian grant.  We look forward to seeing the finished products.
  • ·         The Brookhart family descendants visited Pepple School because their father Estel Petty once taught there.  They also took a tour of the new Research Library.
  • ·         J Chandler is looking for additional information about the
    Carl Busse family.
      Carl was married to Louisa Ellen Hahn and had 7 children. His son Lymann was married to Verna Busse who passed away in 1979.  She enjoyed finding a photo of the saddle and harness store on the square at 1107 State Street on our website under-- Businesses Around the Square.  She wants to correspond with other descendants of Carl Busse. The photo was found in The Blue Book 1899 of Illinois Representatives.  The Busse family moved to Lawrence County on April 10, 1869, and at one time Carl served as Lawrenceville City Clerk.   
    M Hooks while doing some research on the Oil Belt RR and came across a sentence about a sand point in the river being used for swimming and a well drilled for water.  He sent a photo of a pipe with a sand point on the end driven into the ground for shallow wells in most areas of Lawrence County. He also sent a very good diagram, but  we couldn’t get it to copy for the blog.