Thursday, June 9, 2016

Sale of Property by Benj Sumner 1835

In the Jan 17, 1835 Western Sun and General Advertiser, a Vincennes newspaper  the researchers found the following ad:

In 1835 Benjamin Sumner offered his "elegant' farm for sale situated seven  miles west of Lawrenceville (remember the town of Sumner wasn't incorporated until the 1850's) on the St Louis Road containing 250 acres,  65 acres of which were in  cultivation. On the premises was a good Brick house, log kitchen, smoke house, barn, stables, and milk house .  In the deal he also offered an ox tread mill for grain and the manufacturing of linseed oil. He also stated that all the buildings were in good repair, and there was plenty of good water, and first rate timber. No price was given but the property would be sold on good terms.

The TriCounty History published in 1883 stated on page 264 that Benj Sumner was the first permanent settler in Christy Township, arriving in 1817 from North Carolina.  His first land grant was  the NE 1/4 of Sec 14 T3 R13 where he built a small round log cabin.  He was married three times.  About 1827 he built an incline ox grist and flax mill. This was reported to be the first mill built in the township.

The Federal Land grants show several entries for his name, including the NW 1/4 of Sec 13 adjoining the property above.  This was entered in 1823.  So at the time of the sale in 1835 he owned both properties.

 The log kitchen mentioned in the ad could refer to the  round log cabin that he had originally built to live in. If so, then the property above in the ad describes the Sec 14 property.

If a  history detective wishes to check the deeds at the courthouse and determine the exact property we would appreciate this information.