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News from the Robinson Consitiution- Winter 1899

News of the northern part of Lawrence County from the Robinson Consitution-- Winter 1899
JANUARY 11, 1899
Frank Thompson and A. K. Willis went to Lawrenceville last week to establish a penny picture gallery.
JANUARY 18, 1899
Clay Seed, of Bridgeport, called on the NEWS yesterday. He informed us that Samuel Turner, who lives near his place, while drilling a well for water struck several good veins of coal at a depth of 140 feet, which measured five foot, but the largest vein was struck at a depth of about 300 feet from the surface and it is a ten foot vein and both veins seem to be of excellent quality. LAWRENCEVILLE NEWS
Editor John B. Stout, of the Lawrenceville Republican, and Miss Sadie Salter of the same city, were recently married. (Jan 5, 1899)
Esquire Smith of Birds, was in the city Monday and informed us of the death of Mrs. Chas Jones, which occurred Saturday night of consumption. Interment occurred in the Derr cemetery.
NEW YEAR DINNER: At the residence of Charles R. Fisher, near Russellville. A grand New Year dinner was given in behalf of his many friends. The guests arrived promptly at ten, and at high noon were invited to the dining room, where the table was filled with everything good to eat. Those who partook of the turkey, fruits, pies, cakes and candy, were: Milton Vinard and wife, George Hodge and wife, B.R. Fisher and family, Mrs. Rachel Pettyjohn, Stephen Hutchin, Pearl Wilber, Lulu Fisher and Walter Vinard.
JANUARY 25, 1899
John Wampler called yesterday and reported three deaths at Birds during the last few days, viz: Mrs, Flemming Glass, Grandma Fisher and Grandma Smith.
FEBRUARY 1, 1899
Capt. Robt. J. Ford, another well-known veteran of the war of the Rebellion, died at his home near Birds last Wednesday. He was Captain of Co. D, 62nd Ill., and was prominent in G.A.R. circles. He served Bond township several years as Supervisor and was acting in that capacity when the railroad was built through here. It was through (his) the influence that Bond voted down the bond proposition. But few better men lived in this county than Capt. Ford. He was a brother of J.J. and J.R. Ford, of Flat Rock.
Elder Jasper D. Madding, a well-known Baptist minister of Lawrence county, died at his home at Bridgeport Monday night, in his 80th year. He was the father of County Judge Madding and tallest man in Lawrence County, standing 6 feet 3 inches in his stocking feet.
FEBRUARY 8, 1899
Lawrenceville is to have a new Building and Loan Association. Lawrenceville is also to have sewerage, water-works and electric light.s How about Robinson?
A birthday dinner was given in honor of Thomas Edgington of Allison Prairie last Sunday. Among those who attended from this vicinity (Heathsville) were Lawson Cannon and wife, Colby Maddox and wife, Oge Edgington and wife.
FEBRUARY 15, 1899
Russell Tharp and family moved from Morea to Birds Station, Saturday.
Wm Conover has purchased three houses in Lawrenceville and will shortly move them.
FEBRUARY 22, 1899
Dr. Maxedon, of Vincennes, performed an operation for strangulated hernia on Grandpa Oglesby Cannon, who lives in Crawford county north of Russellville. At last report the patient was doing well. LAWRENCEVILLE NEWS
MARRIAGE PERMIT: Thomas Calvin Higgin age 30-Lawrence County & Mrs. Anna M. Wedel age 30-Lawrence county. (Feb 8, 1899)
Harrison Rash, a young man residing near Birds, accidentally shot himself with a shot-gun last Friday, tearing off a large portion of one side of his face; and is now in critical condition.
MARCH 1, 1899
We are informed that a couple of Crawford county men have taken out a government license and will commence selling liquor at West Port, Lawrence County, the first day of March.
MARCH 22, 1899
MARRIAGE PERMIT: Alexander Alvin Seaney Age 22- Birds & Minnie Highsmith Age 20-Birds (March 19, 1899)
John Heath, the shoe cobbler, watch tinker, etc., moved to Birds Monday.