Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Marion Litherland- 1886

Vincennnes Daily Commercial June 11, 1886
Jumped from a Moving Train
A Citizen of Lawrence County Falls in a Cattle Guard and is Fatally Injured

On last Monday Marion Litherland, a well to do farmer, living south of Lawrenceville, went to Olney on some legal business and when ready to return missed the train.  He boarded a freight train and gave a brakeman twenty-five cents to let him ride to Lawrenceville.  This, it seems, was accepted and when the train arrived at Lawrenceville it did not stop.  Litherland jumped from the running train and lit in a cattle guard. He was not found till some time next day.  He received injuries that will, in all probability, cause his death as he is now paralyzed below the neck.