Tuesday, June 28, 2016

First Women on Jury 1939

Was one of your grandmothers ( or mothers) one of the first women chosen for Jury Duty in Lawrence County?  

Lawrence County News
September 14, 1939

Six Women on Grand Jury
Members of the Fair Sex Also Included in the Two Hundred Selected as Prospective Petit Jurors

For the first time in the history of Lawrence County the Grand Jury for the October term of court will be graced by the presence of ladies, unless they are excused by the court October 2nd. Of the twenty three names selected by the Board of Supervisors at their meeting Tuesday six are ladies. There are also a number of the fair sex included in the list of alternates as well as the prospective list of petit jurors from which juries will be drawn as needed during the ensuing year. A recent act of the legislature makes women eligible for jury service, and the board was instructed they must include women in the list of eligible jurors in the future.
Allison: Paul Thompson, Gertrude Funk; alternates - George Newell, Dorothy Sauer.
Bond: F.B. Childress, Gould Mills; alternates – Frank Lindsay, S.F. Wampler.
Bridgeport: Ruby Hobbs, Charley Stoltz; alternates – Ruth Lewis, Lonnie Lewis.
Christy: Everett Prout, Carl McCally, Miss Emma Baird; alternates – Aden Sumner, John Burgett.
Denison: Mrs. Harley Clark, Albert Hershey, Donald Ramsey; alternates – Fred Baum, James Breen, Ida Ackman.
Lawrence: Lela Guthrie, Harley Ridgley, Thomas Phillippe; alternates – Ed Monjar, George Westall, Albert Knoerr.
Lukin: Ethel Wright, Thurman Tarpley, William Moore; alternates – Charles Tucker, James Schrader.
Petty: Merritt Lathrop, Max Roderick, Charles Nuttall; alternates – Opal McLerran, Guy Gray.
Russell: Roy Tevault, Herbert Stevenson; alternates – Charles Clapp, Charles Vennard.

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