Friday, June 10, 2016

Channel Cat Tales: Horses Drowned in Flood Waters

Channel Cat Tales: 
March 7, 1897 
Two Horses Drowned: a Farmer Loses his Team While Trying to Sscape from the Flood

Enoch T Brown, who is a farm hand in the employ of Elijah Delaney, a tenant of Jacob W Cassell, on a farm in Lawrence County near the mouth of the Embarras, came to the city Saturday evening and gave an account of the affair. Mr. Brown said that the Embarras is rising rapidly and is flooding the country.

“On Friday evening,”said Mr. Brown,” the low lands were covered but we did not think there was any danger but to our great surprise the water had suddenly risen in the night and Saturday morning it was up in the house and the floor was covered 6 inches deep.

I assisted Mr. Delaney to get his family and household goods to dry land. Mr. Delaney and the family had gone on ahead in a boat and I remained behind to bring out the horses.

I started with the horses, riding one and leading the other. The water was getting deeper as I went. It came up midway of the horses’ sides and they were just about to the point where they would have to swim, when suddenly the mare I rode turned over on her side throwing me under in deep water. I managed to extricate myself and reach the surface. The mare was dead.

 A moment later the big gray horse I had been leading instantly turned upon his side and floated away dead. I swam 100 yards and then by wadiing water up to my chin I finally reached an old log house. I  climbed upon this old hut and shouted for aid. Fortunately an neighbor heard my cry of distress and came to my rescue in a boat. I was chilled and well-nigh exhausted by my experience in the deep cold water.”