Friday, June 17, 2016

Channel Cat Tales: 1889 Danger to Bridge

Channel Cat Tales:  Danger to Bridge 1889

1889 The immense rainfall, says the Lawrenceville Republican, of the past 10 days, has caused the streams to rise rapidly, and at this time the Wabash and Embarras rivers are running bank full, and at some points water is spreading out over the low bottom lands, and is still rising.

Drift wood, saw logs, and in fact huge trees began to pile up against the abutments of the East bridge Sunday, and Monday morning a posse of men were put to work by the commissioners to dislodge it. They worked faithfully until Wednesday without making any material change in the fast-accumulating pile, and Wednesday threw up the job in disgust. 

Ed Hennekin, of Bridgeport, then took the contract to remove the obstruction for $100, but so large and compact has the obstruction become that Herculean efforts will have to be adopted if the bridge is saved. At the present time something over an acre of logs, compactly jammed together, stretch from shore to shore, and it will take hard work and lots of it to start the mass downstream.