Saturday, May 28, 2016

Updates for Saturday

The world is constantly changing and old customs and methods that were once in vogue have given way to new inventions and more advanced ideas.  The past is history made; the present, history in the making; and the future, history that is to be.  We are uncertain of the future, but of the past there can be no doubt.  Treasured up in the past of our county is so much unwritten history that one can spend much profitable time in examining and studying it. 

These words were written in a Vincennes newspaper over 150 years ago but are still true today as evidenced by the numbers of you reading the blog each day.  When we started publishing in 2010 we were so happy when we reached  50 subscribers and now we have over 300 of you who receive Lawrence Lore every day in their email box…FREE.  In addition there have been now over 150,000 hits to individual pages to learn something about our county’s history…also Free. 

But we need your help. The new research library and the museum and the Lanterman Village buildings are require maintenance and have utility bills that have to be paid.  So if you have been a faithful reader for the past six years, or even if you just discovered us recently, won’t you please send in a donation?  There are no paid employees; we are all volunteers.
Send checks to Lawrence County Historical Society PO Box 425 Lawrenceville, IL 62439 or go to the website and send us a donation by paypal. 

The Smithsonian committee just returned from Franklin Creek where we learned how to put together the exhibit that will be arriving the end of August.  The sheer number of custom crates is overwhelming when one see them rolling off the semi-truck.  And the exhibit itself, when constructed, is  absolutely amazing. This is just half of what is in store for you though.  Nancy King and her committee are working on the companion exhibits that tell the story of water and how it shaped the lives of Lawrence County residents. These stories  are engaging, informative and personal. You won't want to miss this event in September/October. It will run for 6 weeks so if you are having a family reunion, or get together with friends, you will probably want to include a visit.