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Obituaries that start with the Letter B from the Sumner Press 1880s -1920s

The Sumner Press --Obituaries  1880s-1920s  

Chat Beam, of Bridgeport was driving his car to Lawrenceville, where he is employed, “going down the middle of the road, and when near the Progressive Oil Company Lease, in crossing a bridge and making a turn for the road, which was narrower than the bridge, he ran into a hole, which threw the car into a big ditch at the roadside, the car upsetting.  Mr. Beam lived only until he was gotten home.”  Coroner George W Fritz held an inquest and found it accidental death.  Mr. Beam was the father of Seaman Beam, who gained much notoriety in the US Navy for being the first American “to shoot up a German submarine.”

Herbert Byrne, a soldier who died of pneumonia at Camp Custer, was buried at Mount Olive in mid- October of 1918.

Daniel G Burnside was born in Perry County, Ohio Jan 29, 1840 and married Mary Houts on Nov 7, 1861.  During the Civil War he served for two years and nine month in the 114th Ohio Vol Inf Co I.  Funeral services were held in connection with the Memorial Day exercises. “Could he have chosen the occasion for his own Memorial; no doubt the time would have been on such a day as Sunday.  With the thought of his comrades turning toward their departed companions-in-arms his own passing away doubtly set the day apart for these sad service.  The minister preached the regular Memorial sermon but adapted it to the occasion.  The funeral procession was led by the Sumner military band.” Burial was in the Sumner City Cemetery.

Walter L Bennett, son of Isaac and Maggie Bennett, was born in southern Indiana, March 25, 1901 and died October 25, 1910 age 9 years old.  The family resides near “Bennett’s Corner. “ Burial was in the Sumner City Cemetery.

John R Bower was born in Marshall County, West Virginia Feb 7, 1846 and moved to Lawrence County in 1854.  He attended college at Westfield Ill. then taught in the county schools for several years. He married Louisa Pepple on Feb 21, 1876. He died March 18, 1906 age 60 years. Burial was at the Whitehouse Cemetery.

Jane L Grubb was born in London County, Virginia March 12, 1837 and married Dr. J M Bosart May 20, 1896. She died Jan 2, 1911. The remains were taken to Hamilton, Virginia and laid beside her father and mother.

Eliza Able Bopp, mother of George Bopp, the murdered constable, was born in Pennsylvania December 10, 1819 and married Henry Bopp in 1845.  She died at age 86 in late April of 1905. She was buried in Sumner City Cemetery.

Philip Bolding, about 22 years of age, and an employee of the Star store in Sumner, died October 1905 of consumption called the “Great White Plague.”  He was buried in Sumner City Cemetery.

Samuel Berry, son of Jacob and Susan Barry, the oldest of 11 children, was born October 23, 1832 at Ashland, Ohio. At the age of 10 he moved to Illinois and was married to Surrenah Tombaugh August 30, 1855. He died Jan 16, 1917 at age 84 years.

Jacob Berry one of the oldest citizens of the county, passed away at the age of 90 years in February, 1901.  He left over 200 children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren.

Jesse Dean Barnes, daughter of Noah and Annie Barnes, was born March 16, 1910 and died July 22, 1910 at the age of 4 months 6 days. Burial was at Whitehouse Cemetery.

Arthur V Bass, son of William Bass died from an obstruction of the bowels. He was about 14 years of age. Burial was in Gilead Cemetery.