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Lawrence County Happenings from the Robinson Constitution 1897

Lawrence County Happenings from the Robinson Constitution  (Liquor appeared to be a problem)
JULY 7, 1897

Judge E.E. Newlin is holding his initial term of circuit court in Lawrenceville this week. Lawrence county now has three regular terms of circuit court.
A post inspector went to Lawrenceville last week, checked postmaster Gowens and finding him short in his accounts turned the office over to the bondsmen, who made good the deficiency and appointed Geo. W. Lackey to serve the balance of the term.
JULY 14, 1897
Hon. E. Callahan attended circuit court at Lawrenceville last week as attorney for Noah Tohill in the suit brought by Col. Foster contesting Tohill's election as States Attorney. Foster dismissed his suit with the announcement that he has quit politics and hereafter will devote six days a week to his clients and the seventh to his Lord.
There seems to be considerable complaint at Birds against the saloon men selling liquors to minors and habitual drunkards.
 JULY 21, 1897
D.R. Fish was appointed postmaster at Lawrenceville last week.
There is now but little doubt that John Hilbert who was found dead Sunday morning a week, was foully murdered.
A.J. Richardson went to Lawrenceville Friday with his bloodhounds and tracked a man who had robbed some three or four private houses at that place.
JULY 28, 1897
A little child of Wm Morris, the barber, died Monday afternoon, and was taken to Lawrenceville yesterday for interment.
Judge J. W. Eagleton held court at Lawrenceville last week. The case was a change of venue from Judge Goodman and was of the nature of a disturbance at a country picnic. It was brought by the people against a lot of young hoodlums whose rowdy actions were the means of adding materially to the Lawrence county school funds.
The following persons are to go to Sumner as delegates to the Epworth League convention from here: Mrs. Delpha Meskimen, Mrs. Ella Organ, Mrs. Ida Cooper, Elmer Midgett, Frank Shafer.
Price Johnson has moved to Russellville where he will run a blacksmith shop.
Flat Rock came out ahead in the game of ball with Birds Saturday that was played at Birds.Geo Pepple pulled his threshing rig in near Birds last week and commenced threshing.
Dr. Montgomery, of Birds, has decided to locate at Landes.
On last Sunday the citizens of New Hebron and North Honey Creek escaped the evil effects of Birds whiskey, or "Crouse's best." Three young men were filled up on something that made them act worse than brutes.
AUGUST 4, 1897
Dan Thorn, deputy sheriff of Lawrence county, was in Flat Rock Thursday.
AUGUST 11, 1897  (Ed Note:  It appears the Governor, an ex governor and several other dignitaries visited Lawrenceville.)  
The annual reunion for the 15th mustering district will be held at Lawrenceville on Aug 18, 19, and 20. A score of distinguished speakers are advertised to be present, including Gov. Tanner, Congressman Hunter, Justice Phillips, Gen. Anderson, Hon E. Callahan, Ex-gov. Fifer, ex-congressman Wood, Gen. Martin, Lieut. Gov. Northcutt and Gen Pavey. Kibbie's Zouaves of Oblong will be present. (Zouaves are from Oblong Camp Sons of Veterans)
AUGUST 18, 1897
Dr. George M. Harper has located at Lawrenceville, where he has formed a partnership with Dr. French, an old and well established physician of that city and a member of the State Board of Health. 
Jo Sturgeon, the saloon man of Birds, was here (Flat Rock) Monday gathering up empty cases, bottles, etc
A good many of our people attendees the Free Methodist camp meeting at Pinkstaff Sunday.
AUGUST 25, 1897
The reunion at Lawrenceville last week was attended. With commendable enterprise the Lawrenceville Republican issued a six-column folio daily during the soldiers reunion last week. 
SEPTEMBER 15, 1897
Flem Glass, of Birds, concluded last Thursday that he had lived enough in this world; consequently he took a large quantity of morphine, but the M.D's saved him. Flem was under the influence of liquor at the time. It is to be hoped that this will learn him to let Birdeye bug-juice alone.