Thursday, May 5, 2016

Gadd and Fyffe Schools 1912

This is an article published by the Superintendent of Schools dated March 14, 1912 about two of our country schools. 

Conditions in Rural Schools
            Gadd No. 16  Teacher, Joseph Painter, salary $75; Term 6 months; enrollment 8; directors – Wm. Laird, Chas. Mahan, Wm. Crews.  Assessed valuation $$16,282; levy 1911 for educational purposes $500; rate $1.08; possible levy for each purpose $691.23.  The playground is well kept, no fence in front, four trees, good water, good fuel house, outhouses in good condition.  The house is painted an in fairly good repair, well heated and ventilated with a school room heater, walls papered, blackboard good but ? too high, ?? ample and properly placed but no desks for small children, good teacher’s desk, one chair, good bookcase with 125 well selected volunteers in the library, two good pictures, globe dictionary, two good pictures, globe, dictionary, but no maps.  Improvements needed to secure the diploma of a standard school are new paper for walls, a case of maps and a seven months term of school.


For the 1911-1912 class year these students attended Fyffe School located about 1/2 mile west of the old Prairie Chapel Church north of Sumner.  
Front row L-R: Ethel Petty (Messenger), Maude Stoltz, Julis Stoltz, Elbie Baker, Cecil Cochran, Jessie Petty, Bertha Piper, Helen VanGilder, Ida Stoltz, Bern Baker and Omar Petty.  
Back row: Ermin Stoltz, Madge Sheridan, Verla Piper, Mabel Petty, Joy Petty, M. Lathrop, Dennis Lathrop, Gene Petty, Verner Stoltz, Warren McFarin, Teacher, Thurman Childress.

According to the Superintendent they studied under rather poor conditions.

       Fyffe No. 62  Teacher, Thurman Childress, salary $50, Term 6 months; enrollment 26, directors, Elwin Petty, G. L. Petty, Sherman Petty.  Assessed valuation $37,794, levy 1911 for educational purposes $325; for building purposes $25; rate $0.90; possible levy for each purpose $566.91.  The grounds are in poor condition, no fence in front, no water, no trees, outhouses in deplorable condition, new fuel house.  The house is in poor repair, heated by bare stove with no ventilation, blackboard good but insufficient, desks ample but none smaller than 3’s and not properly placed, poor teacher’s desk and one chair, good bookcase, 50 volumes in library, good globe and dictionary in fair condition.  Improvements needed:  New outhouses, well, trees, house needs a new foundation and paint inside and out, walls should be re-plastered and papered or decorated, jacketed stove or heater should be installed with some provision for ventilation; new window shades should be put up, library increased, maps and pictures secured.