Saturday, May 7, 2016

Flood Us with Funds

Put on your boots, pull out your checkbooks, and Flood us with Funds!

More than 1/3 of Lawrence County floods on a regular basis so the Lawrence County Historical Society needs more than 1/3 of you to donate money to build our ‘flood wall.”   Our main exhibit will be a professionally constructed 8x24’ bar graph showing the major floods in Lawrence County starting with the one in 1779 when George Rogers Clark crossed the prairie up to and including the most recent levee break.

The Smithsonian will be bringing an 850 sq. ft. traveling exhibit about Water and the ways it has influenced and shaped the world.  It will arrive on Sept 3 and stay until Oct 15, 2016 so everyone will have a chance to see this free thought- provoking exhibit.

The Lawrence County Historical Society are also constructing exhibits corresponding with  this Water-related  theme. Under the category of how water has shaped the way we play will be exhibits about Stivers Springs, Lake Lawrence, and Red Hills State Park.  To show how water has shaped the way we work, will be an exhibit on Pearl Fishing, and one on drainage and irrigation in farming.  How water shaped the way we traveled and settled in Lawrence County will include information about the mills, steamboats, and flatboats. 

Several other exhibits are also being developed as well as a small theatre to preview the documentary film that the high school youth are preparing with the prestigious Smithsonian award of technology equipment. 

....And to go along with the newly painted, carpeted interior, the roof has developed a leak so that unplanned element of water has certainly added a new dimension to how water has shaped the way we… place the buckets to catch the drips. 

So you can help us by being a part of our bucket brigade. 

Send checks to Lawrence County Historical Society, PO Box 425 Lawrenceville, Il 62439 or go on our website and use PayPal.  donate for Smithsonian   If you would like to sponsor an exhibi,t contact Nancy King.