Tuesday, May 10, 2016

First Teachers Association

Early Teachers’ Association

Teachers of the County formed an association as early as 1856 according to the American Banner, an early county newspaper published in Lawrenceville.  The May 3, 1856 edition printed an article about the teachers of Lawrence County meeting in Sumner for the purpose of arranging themselves into an association.  On a motion by those present, Wm. T. Hite acted as chairman and Hiram Hardacre as secretary.  Three were appointed to draft a constitution.  Exercises (apparently like a teacher’s institute) followed:  Mental Arithmetic 1 1/2 hr. taught by H.  Hardacre, Written Arithmetic 1 1/2 hr. by S. J. Smith, (Afternoon session) Grammar 1 1/2 hr. by Peter Smith, and  Geography 1 1/2 hr.  by Wm. J. Hite.