Friday, May 6, 2016

Channel Cat Tales: First Levee

Channel Cat Tales

1839 First Levee in the County

     The Illinois General Assembly appropriated $15,018 to complete the portion of the Great Western mail route between Lawrenceville and Vincennes for the purpose of protecting the road from the overflowing of the Wabash River.  These improvements included a substantial levee at the Belgrade Landing between Russellville and Vincennes. As members of the Illinois House, .Lawrence County’s Jesse K Dubois and his friend, Abraham Lincoln would surely have voted for this appropriation.  

1850     Levee July 15
     Following an Act of the Illinois Legislature in 1848 to levee the Wabash River, a meeting was held July 20, 1850 at Westport opposite Vincennes, Indiana.  Thomas C Bailey Esq. was appointed chairman and Daniel L Gold appointed secretary.  Assessors James Lanterman, Walter Buchanan and John Dollahan were appointed to assess the benefits these improvements would have on each farm as well as the Olney- Lawrenceville & Wabash Plank Road Company. The levee was to be extended below Dubois Hill to the Lawrenceville Road and beyond Russellville.