Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bett Moore,Editor

Miss Betty Mae Moore, editor of the Lawrence County News, was the older daughter of Mr and Mrs Willis B Moore, 1111 Charles St Lawrenceville, and was born in Lukin Township February 24, 1924.  She was six months old when her parents moved to Lawrenceville, where she was educated in the public schools, graduating from Lawrenceville Township High School in 1942.  She was one of the first two girls ever allowed to take mechanical drawing at LTHS and the only female to complete three years of such studies in the school.  Following a Post Graduate course, completed in 1943, Miss Moore worked for Kroger’s and operated their meat markets in Lawrenceville and Bridgeport until May 14, 1944, when she joined the News staff as an advertising promoter.  She learned all mechanical and editorial phases of the newspaper business and became the Managing Editor of the Lawrence County News in October, 1964.  The publication she edited enjoyed the largest circulation and readership in its 75 year old history