Monday, May 9, 2016

Angora Goats Along the Wabash Levee

Vincennes Commercial May 10, 1908
400 Angora Goats Driven Single File along the River Levee

One of the largest shipments of goats ever received in the city (Vincennes)  arrived from St. Louis Saturday morning over the Big Four Railroad and were driven to the farm of William Robeson 2 ½ miles north of the city.

Shipment was composed entirely of fine angora goats, purchased by Mr. Robeson from Kansas, and were 400 in number. One is a fine registered goat. Mr. Robeson was unable to remain in St. Louis until the goats were shipped and through the negligence of the railroad company to provide them properly with feed and water 42 of the goats died on the road.

It was a novel sight to see the goats driven to the farm. The road leading to the farm was underwater and the goats were driven single file along the river levee until the farm was reached.