Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Suicide, Robbery of American Express and Flood Dogs

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From the Robinson Constitution

JANUARY 20, 1897
The Lawrenceville Herald is the authority for the statement that Hon. A. L. Maxwell is to locate at Lawrenceville for the practice of law. He was down there last week to buy residential property.
JANUARY 27, 1897
The first issue of the Lawrenceville News under the management of Orra F. Havill is on the table before us, and it is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.
FEBRUARY 3, 1897
States Attorney Tohill was up from Lawrenceville last Wednesday and Thursday. He has formed a partnership with E. S. Kingsbury for the practice of law.
W.W. Odell has resigned his position with the Milwaukee Binder Company and has accepted a position with the McCormick Company for the season.
A confidence game to the tune of $400 was worked on the American Express Co., at Bruceville, Ind., Saturday. A stranger representing himself to be J. H. Klinger, of Birds, went to the Express and telegraph office at Bruceville and wired the First National Bank at Vincennes to send him $400. It being noon and near train time, the bank at once sent the money by express to Bruceville, which being handed over to the party, he lit out, and has not been seen since. The bank telegraphed to Mr. Klinger, at Birds, that they had sent the money, who promptly replied he had not sent for any money. The sharper had timed himself well, and was off before word could be received from Mr. Klinger. The agent at Bruceville will likely have to bear the loss as he should have required the fellow to be identified before paying out the money.
FEBRUARY 10, 1897
Noah M. Tohill was granted a change of venue by Judge Landis in the election suit filed by Col. Foster in the Lawrence county circuit court.
Arthur Young is talking tailor made clothing to the citizens of Lawrenceville this week.
Miss Inez Adams, of Birds, was in the city Saturday afternoon receiving instructions in music from Miss Fannie English.
FEBRUARY 17, 1897
James D. Weger will move near Westport that he may farm his river bottom farm.
FEBRUARY 24, 1897
Ike Miller, living on Sand Ridge in Lawrence county, suicided by shooting himself in the head with a 32 calibre revolver last Sunday morning a week ago. He leaves a wife and two children. He left no word explaining the cause of his rash act, and it is thought that despondency over being in debt. coupled with excessive drinking, drove him to take his life. He carried a policy in the Knights of Honor for $2,200 and $1,000 in the Des Moines Life.
Dr. Zeigler of Russellville moved to Flat Rock Tuesday.
A.L. Maxwell has purchased the Isaac Jones farm west of Birds.
Arthur Young took the contract of peeling the telephone poles from Duncanville to Birds. He completed the job in half a day.
MARCH 3, 1897
John Martin, a former citizen of Crawford county, died at his home near Westport, Lawrence county.
Miss Inez Adams, of Birds, who is becoming quite proficient with the guitar, was the guest of relatives in this city.
MARCH 17, 1897
As soon as our bachelor friend E.S. Kingsbury, of the Lawrenceville Republican, returned from a recent Sunday visit to Robinson, he penned the following gem: "A girl may forgive a man for kissing her, but never apologizing for it."
John Dougherty, of Birds, will move to Flat Rock this week to run a blacksmith shop.
Samuel Shimer, one of Lawrence county's oldest citizens, died recently sat his home near Birds, aged about ninety-one years.
MARCH 24, 1897
Will Catlett of Flat Rock went to Russellville Sunday where he has a position in his Uncle's store.
MARCH 31, 1897
Otis Yelton, foreman in the office of the Lawrenceville News, was in the city between trains Saturday on his way to Newton.
John Campbell, of Birds, accused of robbing the American Express Company at Bruceville, Indiana, was tried in the Knox county circuit court last week. The case was given to the jury on Saturday at 12 o'clock. The jury failed to agree and was discharged Monday. They stood nine for acquittal and three for conviction. John McGaughey of this city defended Campbell. The case will be tried again in May.
APRIL 7. 1897
J.K. Dickirson was in the city last Thursday. He informs us that since the flood dogs are treeing fish in hollow logs in and around Lawrence county's capitol. Dickirson, it will be observed, is no novice in the fish business.
Dr. McGowen was called to Heathsville, Crawford county, by Dr. Maxedon to see Mrs. Tom Parker, last Saturday.
APRIL 14, 1897
MARRIAGE PERMITS: Dee E Wesner 29-Petty Twp and Myrtle Mushrush 21-Southwest Twp
W.A, Thompson moved from Flat Rock to Birds last week.
Austin Chaffee, who resided near Westport, died very suddenly Saturday night.
J.T. Pinkstaff of Birds has just graduated from the Barnes Medical College of St. Louis.
APRIL 28, 1897
We understand that our neighboring village of Birds will ban saloons this year. Flat Rock will probably remain thirsty for another year.
MAY 19, 1897
The anti-license board of village trustees of Birds experienced a "change of heart" and adopted a license ordinance a few days ago, and Birds now has a saloon.