Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday Updates

Don't forget the  monthly program Monday Night...Larry Reynolds will be the featured speaker and discuss his latest book, Drums Along the Wabash.   

After we posted that we had several teachers' ledgers from the one room schools, Kay G asked if we could look in the Brick school ledgers and see if her grandfather was listed. Because we knew the school and with 5 years of when he had attended school, Kaye F was able to locate him.  The ledger listed several of her relatives including her grandfather, Clifford Crews. The teacher commented one year that he had "a good brain".  We have sent copies to Kay to add to her genealogy. 

(Before all of you genealogists start sending me names,  you must know the name of the school and the years that your relative attended.BUT if you send a large enough check.....we will do the needle in the haystack trick and look through every book, but the check better be pretty LARGE!) 

D Dasch  sent a request: 
"Recently I was going through some old pictures, and came across" these two.  The first one, "I think that may be someone in the Prout family.  Wilson Prout married my grandmother (12 Dec 1963).  The attached picture was in my grandmother's effects.  Aside from that info that is all I know; maybe there is someone out there that may be able to identify this person."
The second photo was also in the group.

The gentleman above is one of our volunteers.  We found this article about him when he was a senior at Lawrenceville High School in the 1952 Toma-Talk.  Before we share his name, (if you don't recognize him from the photo)  we will share what the interviewer said about  this senior personality. 
" He was born 3 miles west of PInkstaff, and has moved moved 5 times since he was born.  Once with his grandfather, once east of PInkstaff, and then for a year he lived in Lawrenceville.  He attended third grade at Old Central that year but then moved back to Pinkstaff.   He is about 5'11" with black way hair and brown eyes. His favorite subject is shop.  He is working at Humphrey's Locker plant where he is a butcher, but plans to be an auto mechanic after graduation.  His favorite past time is motorcycles.  He had a yellow Harley '125' which he recently traded for a larger one, and spends most of his time working on it or just riding around.  He also likes to run around with "Slug" Anderson, Lloyd Shelton and others of the 'gang'. They kick up a little dust on Saturday nights."  Have you guessed who this is?"  One of our best volunteers....Carl Curry.