Saturday, April 2, 2016

Saturday Review

When we asked the history detectives to identify this house, Shirley T said it was the old Gee house at the corner of Maple and 12th St in Lawrenceville.  The Lewis apartments are located there now, I believe.

Ed B took exception to mention that the 1982 season was the most successful in the history of Lawrenceville High School.  He thinks that  "the 1983 basketball season would be counted as the most successful in the history of Lawrenceville High School, because the Indians played a total of 34 games that year too and won them all, including the State Class A Championship.  So, they played 68 consecutive games (1982 & 1983) and won them all, including both State Class A Championships!" (Forgive me Ed, I graduated from Bridgeport.......We had  good teams too!)

When this photo was posted, Raymond P of Canton MI said the man from the front second row, first man on the left is Raymond Powell, his uncle, for whom he is named. Maria P of Louisville, KY said the back row second from the left is  James N Price, her grandfather. 
Lee M said the top row, fifth from the left is Gene Carl. 
Michael thinks the last man on the far right side in the last row was his father ( with the bib overalls on). He didn't know the year his father started with Ohio Oil but he identified the photo by the pump station. 

Thanks to John C for donating a doctor's bag to replace the one that was stolen from Dr Schrader's office in Bridgeport before the Historical Society removed everthing for safe keeping.  Once the restoration work is completed, and some type of security installed, everything can be returned.