Monday, April 25, 2016

History Detectives: Aikin Seed Corn Detasselers

    Please help us identify our corn detasselers.  These young men worked for Akin Seed Company but we don't know the exact years.  Some have names assigned to them; please tell us if we are correct or if we have mislabeled someone.  
     (Also if you know the year of a particular photo that would be helpful, also.)  Feel free to come in to the Museum some Monday and see them enlarged, although you can click on these small photos and see them on your screen.  If you would like to check them with yearbook photos to be sure we can help you with that also.    
     We understand these photos, once identified, will hang on the Agri-Gold Company office walls north of St. Francisville so let's give these young men credit for working a hard job under the hot summer sun and get them identified.