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Grand Army of the Republic

Just because the Civil War was over, the old veterans didn't forget, and continued to get together at reunions for several years.

CONSTITUTION-Aug 8, 1883-Birds News
The G.A.R.'s, will have a reunion here on the 16th inst which will wind up with a concert in the mill building at night. This will probably be the largest ever in Birds.

CONSTITUTION-June 11, 1884
The G.A.R.'s will have a reunion at Bird Station today.

Every ex-Union soldier of the 16th Illinois Congressional District, regardless of party or creed, is earnestly requested to consider himself a delegate and is urged and invited to meet with us in Mass Convention at Lawrenceville, Illinois, Tuesday July 15th, 1884, there to discuss and give support of such measures as will best serve and advance soldier's interests, and take into consideration the feasibility of nominating a soldier for congress--one who has shared with us the common privations of the camp, the march, the battle-field and the horrors of the prisoner's pen; one who ever labor for the advancement and protection of the interest of every soldier in the land. Respectfully:

      LAWRENCE COUNTY-Caleb Hoopes, Wm Robinson, A.J. Gould, Paul Richardsville, Robert J. Ford, B.F. Gosnell, Flem Glass.

CONSTITUTION-July 16, 1884
Several of our soldiers went to Lawrenceville Monday evening to attend the Soldiers Convention yesterday.

The Grand Army of the Republic of Bird's, Lawrence County, will have a three day's camp fire and reunion of old soldiers at that place on the 19th, 20th, and 21st inst. James McCartney, Ed Harlan,J.C. Olwin, E. Callahan and other prominent speakers are expected. The boys at Bird's know how to make a success of a thing of this kind, and they will do it on this occasion.

BIRDS NEWS-Some of our citizens are going to buck against the G.A.R.'s boarding house during the reunion. This is not right. Remember they have added considerable to our town and we should treat them halfway respectable and give them a chance to make something when the opportunity presents its self.

Soldier Reunions are becoming very numerous in this vicinity. This week Bird Station has a three day meeting.

GAR BIRDS  We were informed by the Post Commander at Birds, that their clear net profit will exceed $200 from the reunion last week.

CONSTITUTION-June 24, 1885
BIRDS: The G.A.R. will hold a reunion here in August. A good time is anticipated as our boys never do anything by halves.

There will be a reunion and campfire at Birds on the 11th, 12th and 13th of August.

CONSTITUTION-July 29, 1885
BIRDS-The reunion will be held in York's Grove about a half mile from town. We suppose the G.A.R.'s will make arrangements to run a few accommodation wagons from town to the grounds.

BIRDS: The G.A.R.'s cleared about $250 at reunion.

Soldiers Reunion at Birds Station Aug 17.

The soldiers' reunion is in full blast at Bird Station, yesterday was opening day. A good time is always insured at Bird's reunions, go.

E. Callahan made a speech at the Birds Reunion on Thursday of last week.

CONSTITUTION-June 22, 1887
The fifth annual reunion and camp fire of the G.A.R. old veterans and sailors of any war, will be held at Birds, Lawrence county, Illinois, August 16th to 18th inclusive. Everybody will remember what grand times are had at that place during these gatherings, Everybody should go. We  are informed that preparations are now being made to make the reunion, this year, the grandest ever held at that place.

The sixth annual reunion of the soldiers and sailors of all wars, will be held at Birds, Lawrence county, August 21, 22 and 23, next under the auspices of Birds Post, No. 150 G.A.R.

BIRDS G.A.R. 6th Annual Encampment Aug 21-22-23-1888. he 32nd Illinois and 62nd Ill will hold reunion at same time. Also the 7th and 11th Mo. will hold reunion there at same time.

The seventh annual reunion of the Lawrence County veterans will be held at Birds the 21st, 22d and 23 inst.

The Soldiers Reunion was held at Birds. Lewis Jones, Commander of the G.A.R. Post at Birds, furnishes the LAWRENCEVILLE REPUBLICAN with the following account of the reunion held there:

The music was furnished by the Flat Rock Band, and we say for them that they are a gentlemanly set of boys, attentive, and when called on always ready for duty. The first day's exercises consisted of speeches by Jesse Harper of Danville. J.C. Maxwell of Robinson, Jasper Partridge of Carmi. The second day exercises opened with music by the Band and prayer by Rev. Dickens, after which A.L. Maxwell delivered the opening address. Col.Jasper Partridge of Carmi, then addressed the boys, followed by Col. Jesse Harper, of Danville. After the adjournment of the dinner the Duncan boys of Flat Rock rendered a quartette entitled "Good Old Slavery Boys."  After which Jesse Harper concluded his remarks. A.H. Jones, of Robinson, then delivered an eloquent speech to the boys. The third days reunion opened with music by the Band. Speeches were delivered by G.W. Lackey and E.S. Kingsbury, followed by a quartet by the Duncan boys. This closed the eighth annual reunion at Birds.(NOTE: The Duncan Brothers,  Andrew, James, John and William sang at many CW reunions in our area and were veterans of Company E, 98th Illinois with the exception of William whose father refused consent of his enlistment as being too young at the time.)


The fifth Annual reunion of the 15th mustering district, G.A.R. will be held at Sumner, August 19th, 20th and 21st. The Sumner boys, who have the matter in charge, are arranging for one of the grandest reunions ever held in this section of the State. Gov. Fifer, Gens Pavey and Martin, Cols Ike Clements and Horace Clark, Capts. Ed Harlan and John Cochenour, Hon E. Callahan, and other noted speakers are to be present and deliver addresses. Every old soldier who will attend will be certain of a right royal entertainment, and such a good time as will make his heart glad.

ROBINSON ARGUS-July 27, 1892
There will be a soldier's reunion held at Birds on the 6th, 7th and 8th of September. All old soldiers are invited.

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