Friday, April 15, 2016

Channel Cat Tales Death by Flood Waters

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Vincennes Commercial April 3, 1904 Another Death From Flood

After midnight this morning it was reported that Oren Kellums, son of W.W. Kellums of the Lackey farm in Lawrence County, died last night of congestive chill. For two days the young man had been swimming horses out of the back water, which brought on hard chills, Kellums leaves a young wife.

William Hatfield, a young farmer living with his father-in-law, Charles Clark, on the Mt. Carmel road near Raccoon Creek, was drowned about three o’clock Saturday afternoon when his team backed off the grade near the England pond drainage ditch one and a half miles southwest of St. Francisville.
 Hatfield had attended a sale south of St. Francisville, at which he had purchased some furniture and other household articles which he loaded into his wagon and started home. When he drove over the road in the morning it was clear of water, but on his return a portion of the road was underwater. Some boys saw Hatfield approaching and warned him that part of the bridge had been swept away.  He attempted to turn his team around on the narrow road and the wagon went off the grade into about fifteen feet of water, pulling the team after it. Hatfield was swept out of the wagon by the current and carried down stream.
 The horses were rescued and the wagon pulled back up to the road, but it was several hours before the body of Hatfield was located in brush near the creek.  The body was later taken to St. Francisville and later removed to his home.
 Hatfield was about 21 years old and is survived by his wife and mother, Mrs. John Miser, of Mt. Carmel. He had been married but a short time.

Vincennes Sun Commercial May 13, 1943
Lawrenceville Boy Drowns – Steps Beyond Depth While Waiting.
Eldon Hedrick, 15-year-old Lawrenceville Township high school freshman, was drowned at the 10th St. bridge north of Lawrenceville near the high school Wednesday evening while waiting in back water, bringing the first fatality in this area during the present flood.
Eldon with several other boys had been wading in the water which swept across the floor of the bridge. He started to wade from the bridge approach toward a utility pole nearby and stepped in water beyond his depth. The swift current carried him out stream.  An all night and all day search for the body proved futile. He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hedrick living at 1302 Collins St.