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Part One of the Murder of Dr. Dailey 1896

JUNE 10, 1896
Dr. J.H. Dailey Shot to Death by Sampson T. Mickey
A Woman Said, To Be In The Cause

Birds Ill., June 9. A sad affair occurred in our usually quiet little village whereby one life was lost and another languishes in jail. Sampson T. Mickey, a prominent teacher of Lawrence county, shot and killed Dr. James H. Dailey. 

An inquest was held in the afternoon, and the evidence produced was in substance as follows: Mr. Mickey had an appointment at Dr. Dailey's office early yesterday morning concerning the withdrawing of some Building and Loan shares, the doctor's wife being secretary of the B & L. After the business was completed, Mr. Mickey requested for the doctor's wife to retire as he wished to have some private conversation with the doctor. She started to the house, which was probably 20 feet from the office, but before she reached the house four shots were heard in the office in rapid succession.

Several people were soon on the spot and found the doctor lying on the floor in the back room of his office with four bullets in him, one in the left side, one in the shoulder and one in the back, two of which would have proved fatal. The doctor's body was found with a revolver in his hand, but none of the chambers empty. He lived one hour after being shot and died in agony.
Mickey surrendered himself to the sheriff and was at once taken to Lawrenceville. He has heretofore borne a good reputation. He is comparatively a young man and has no family, his wife having died a few years ago.
From the evidence there is no doubt that both parties expected trouble and both were prepared for it. The trouble between them is thought to have grown out of the attention being paid Kate Smiley,a young lady employed in the Dailey household.
Dr. Dailey was a prominent young physician and had a host of friends in Lawrence and Crawford counties. He leaves a wife and three children. Both persons to the tragedy were Odd Fellows and Dailey was also a Modern Woodman.

JUNE 17, 1896
In addition to what the Constitution contained last week, the Lawrenceville Republican contained the following statements:

The facts immediately preceding the shooting are about as follows- Mickey went to the residence of Dr. Dailey and called him out of bed, saying he wanted to withdraw his B & L share, Dr. Dailey's wife being the secretary of the association. Dr. Dailey went with Mickey to his office, twenty feet away, where the B & L records were kept. Mrs. Dailey noticed that Mickey seemed angry and followed them to the office. After business was transacted Mickey asked Mrs. Dailey to withdraw as he wished to have a private talk with the doctor. She replied "you look too mad to be left here together." But the doctor asked his wife to withdraw and she did so, but scarcely had she reached the house, when she heard the shots. Returning at once she saw her husband leaning against the door post with his revolver in hand, but all the chambers full. He said, "Oh my God, Mickey has shot me full of holes." These are the last words he ever spoke. He was carried to the house and expired in an hour.

The shooting occurred about seven o'clock Monday morning.

The editor of this paper called on Mr. Mickey in the jail Tuesday morning and asked if he had any statement to make. He showed considerable emotion when he replied. "I think it best for me not to make any statement just now."

The body of Dr. Dailey was brought to the Big Four RR depot Tuesday, transferred at the B & O junction and taken to Olney for interment. The remains were escorted by a company of ten Odd Fellows from the lodge at Birds.

Coroner's verdict: We, the undersigned jurors, find that the cause of death was caused by three pistol wounds, 32 caliber, center fire, in the hands of S.T. Mickey, and hold him for murder in the first degree.

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