Monday, March 14, 2016

News of the Past plus photo of Ohio OIl Employees 1938

Ohio Oil Company employees, later to become Bridgeport Marathon posed for a company photo on March 19, 1938. Foreman for the group was Robert Spaulding. (Do you know anybody else in this photo? If so please tell us.)

Other random bits of news: March 12, 1914  A petition was filed with the clerk of Lawrence Township asking that the question of levying a tax of two mills on the dollar for the purpose of building and maintaining a public library be submitted to the voters.
 Also in March 1914, the local manager of the C.I. P. S. Company assured the members of the Lawrenceville City council that the company would be able to furnish pure water to the city by June.
           The following served as petit jurors for the March term of County court with Judge Benson presiding: Thomas Brooks, J W Fry, Ren Conover, Wm White, E A Whiting, Charles Potts, H B Williams, Al Hutchinson, Everett Gregg, Charles Holsen, Charles Henry, and W H Seaney.
            At the  meeting of the Lawrenceville Baseball Co, the following officers were elected: D Ross Abernathy, President; Wm Thorn, VP; R L Herrin, Secretary and Treasurer, F C Smith, Manager, Clyde Storer, Captain. New suits had been ordered.The chances were that " Big Red" Cooley would play here as well as Dixon.  He played third base with Washington the year before.  
       A total of 538 votes were polled in the Republican primary with 90 of them being women.

News March 1929  Sheriff James and B N Yosowitz were in Danville where the latter identified eight suits, ten pairs of pants and a leather coat as part of the merchandise taken from his store by  Carl Haines, a former employee.
      S O Beam, former employee of the Fist National Bank of Bridgeport pled guilty to embezzlement in federal court at Danville last week and was sentenced to one year and a day in the Leavenworth penitentiary.
        Two young men held up Lester Murray, attendant at the Standard filling station at 15th and State streets. They took Murray's money belt containing about $15 but overlooked $80 which he had in his pocket.

March 12, 1964 Dr J W Allison, 34 a veterinarian, was injured in a truck-train accident at the birds crossing of the New York Central RR. Herschell E Blackwell, 21 was killed early Friday morning when his 1957 Chevrolet wrapped itself around a tree north of Kelly's Mill on the Bottom Road, about 2 miles northeast of Lawrenceville.

March 12, 1969 Approximately 150 Legionnaires and invited guests celebrated the 50th anniversary of the founding of the American Legion.  Special guests were 50 years members, including C T Fitzgerald, Charles I Gerhart, Philip H Lewis, Harold Lindgren, Guy E McGaughey, Percy K Montgomery, and Joe J Mowrey.
           Three members of the 1968-69 Lawrenceville Indians basketball team were accorded All-Conference honors: H J Payne and Butch Wolfe for the All-Conference First Team, and Denny Shidler for all-Conference Second Team.