Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hats and Detasselers and TA DA!!! State Award Nominations

State Awards Nominations
The Society was notified this week that two of their special event projects, one book and a conservation project had been nominated for the Illinois State Historical Society's Annual Awards to be held  April 23, 2016 at the Old State Capitol, Springfield.
Those projects and individuals who were nominated were:
The Centerville Cemetery project co-chaired by Kevin Borden, Rose Robeson and Noble Brown
The Black History project co-chaired by Larry Curry, Carl Curry and John King
The book Weddings Through the Ages, by Nancy King, Donna Burton and Ellen White
The Collection and Preservation of Military Uniforms by Nancy King, Kaye Fisher, Flossie Price, Irene Jackman and Todd Gray.
The projects compete with others around the State.  Last year, Lawrence County Historical Society won all three of their categories for which they were nominated: Best Website, and  two  award winning special events--The Memorial for a Fallen\Officer and the Vintage Wedding Show. There is no doubt that they will do the same thing this year!  Job Well Done!!

Come in and see our vintage hat display ladies....and wear yours if you have one....spring is coming, finally.....maybe.....

First Style show in Lawrenceville:  October 1914 
 Style Show a Success: Lawrenceville Merchants Inaugurate Semi- Annual Event. 
One of the events in the mercantile world of Lawrenceville was the inauguration this week of a semi- annual style show, the initial performance taking place as advertised Friday night, October 2, in the Lawrenceville Opera House which was crowded to the limit of its capacity.

The hats shown were from Walker Millinery store, while cloaks and costumes on view were exhibited on living models by P.B. McCullough and C.D. Carter Company department stores. Music was provided by the Bridgeport Orchestra under the capable direction of Mrs. Joseph Whitaker and contributed  to the pleasure of the assembled guests. The garments shown ranged from heavy outdoor wraps, dainty evening dresses and were up to date in every particular, reflecting much credit on our Lawrenceville merchants. This is the first time an event of this kind has ever been held in the city but it will not be the last. Lawrenceville merchants are determined to prove to Lawrence County people that Lawrenceville as a trading center is unsurpassed outside of the very large cities, and  they have one advantage --for they preserve the small-town prices.

We know that we showed you this photo before of the Akin Seed Company detasselers, but we REALLY need you to come in and help us identify these guys. These two displays are temporary while we put together the companion ones for the Smithsonian Water Exhibit coming this fall so they won't be up forever.....

Last Saturday we requested the location of the tractor parade.  Judi S and Maurice H both said it was West bound on Walnut in front of the Teen Center and Cannons, a machine shop in the 50s and early 60s.
And as for the identity of the young man stocking shelves-- Ed Brumley-- who thought the post was just  Too Funny! and replied that he hated wearing that bow tie.