Saturday, March 19, 2016

Gadd School

The Museum has many school ledgers from the county's one room schools.  These are from Gadd School located in on the West side of the intersection at Sand Ridge Road 1400 E and Country Road 12, or at least that was the address when the Readin', Ritin' and 'Rithmetic book about the early schools in Lawrence County was written.
We only had one school photo of Gadd school and it was for the school year 1914. One of the ledgers was from the teacher who taught in 1915, so many of her students were in the photo. So if any of these students were your ancestors, we can tell you what kind of grades they received. 

L-R Front row: Agatha Dolman, Lucille McBride, Tolllie Davis, Aleatha Rogers,
Margaret Lockman, Walter Davis, Bud Davis,
Middle row: Edith Davis, Hugh Crews, Edith Davis, (different family) Marie Dolman,
 Ruth Davis, Hurbert McBride, Harry Darnold,
 Back row: Ola Wright Hassel techer, and the 8th grade students
 Leatha McBride, Ruth Davis, Jessie Bolton, Dewey Darnold, Emery McBride and Guy Davis.