Monday, March 28, 2016

Betting on the Election

From the Robinson Constitution
November 25, 1896
Dr. Ziegler of Russellville was in Flat Rock Monday making arrangements to locate there about the first of January.
T.H. Darnold lectured to an attentive audience at Birds Friday night and he so pleased his audience and they gave him an invitation to return and deliver a series of lectures in the near future. Mr. Darnold's impaired and almost ruined health will not admit of constant work, but he is earnest in his efforts to lead men from the alcoholic habit.

DECEMBER 9, 1896
A couple of citizens of Lawrence county bet horses and buggies on the election. The Democrat lost and delivered his rig and horse, but soon discovered that the other fellow didn't own the horse and buggy he had bet and didn't intend tot give them up in case he lost. Hence the Democrat repelled his property and put the other fellow in for costs. Geo. W. Jones of this city represented the Democrat.
W.F. Foster, the defeated candidate for States Attorney of Lawrence County, has decided to contest the election of Noah Tohill. Tohill's majority was shown to be about 60. Foster alleges that the election in some precincts was illegal, that votes for Foster were counted for Tohill, and other irregularities.

DECEMBER 16, 1896
F.W. Havill of MT. CARMEL REGISTER purchased the LAWRENCE COUNTY NEWS of George Huffman last week and his son, Orra F. Havill, chief clerk at the Chester penitentiary will take charge at the News as soon as Tanner relieves him of his work at Chester. Young Havill has doubtless inherited some of his fathers' ability as a newspaper man, and the Democrats of Lawrence county may expect a lively and influential paper.

DECEMBER 23, 1896
D. W. Petty, of Sumner, did business in Flat Rock Monday.

DECEMBER 30, 1896
S. P. Barlow, of Lawrenceville, was in the city on business Thursday. Mr. Barlow deals extensively in Mississippi lands.