Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ballot Box Stuffing

And you think politics are nasty now......

NOVEMBER 11, 1896
The alleged Lawrence county ballot box stuffers were arraigned before a Lawrenceville justice for preliminary hearing last week. They took a change of venue and the obtained a continuance until next Saturday on a plea that a tramp printer who was in Lawrenceville when the tickets were printed was a material witness and was not present.

NOVEMBER 18, 1896
Hon. E. Callahan was in Lawrenceville this week for the alleged ballot box corruptionists.

NOVEMBER 25, 1896
The trial of Ed Ryan and H.H. Corrie, charged with an attempt to corrupt the ballot box of Lukin township in Lawrence county, was not completed Saturday and an adjournment was taken until yesterday. The prosecution is making a strong case. The defendants themselves admit contracting with Flanders to purchase or steal the votes, but deny furnishing the ballots. They admit that they turned the money over to him and that the balance was to be left in hands of the supervisor of that township, who, by virtue of his office, was a member of the election board. It would seem that their admissions are sufficient to weave a web of circumstantial evidence around them strong enough to bring about their conviction and thus insure honest elections in Lawrence county hereafter. We are informed that the County Clerk of Lawrence county furnished part of the money.

DECEMBER 2, 1896
The Constitution regrets that it was led into error last week, by a rumor in regard to some of the evidence in the preliminary hearing of Ed Ryan and H.H. Corrie at Lawrenceville. The statement that the County Clerk of Lawrence county was to furnish part of the money to be paid Flanders is entirely without foundation. No one in Lawrence county connects Mr. White with the matter in any way, and it was not in evidence that any part of the money was borrowed of him. In fact, he stands above reproach both as an officer and a man and would rather see himself or his friends go down in defeat than triumph by the corruption of the ballot box or the purchase of votes.

Miss Nellie Petty went to Lawrenceville Friday to take evidence in the preliminary  hearing of the alleged ballot box corruptionists.

The details of this corruption will be given tomorrow.