Wednesday, February 17, 2016

WWII Deaths and POWS

Gerald Lathrop
The researchers found a partial list of men who died in World War II, in an old file as they were moving the Irene Black Genealogical Library to the new site in Lawrenceville. The names given were: Robert Smith, Harry Longnecker, Roy B Ridgley, Robert Paul Piper, Chancey C Strubel, Dale E Cessna, Leland Cloud, Estes Thorn, Gerald Lathrop, Jack Moore, Byard Atkins, Raymond Mieure, Glenn Barnett, and John Burns. There were also clippings from a newspaper believed to be printed in 1945.

Mrs. Leo Erexson has received word from the Commander of the 87th division that her husband Pfc. Leo Erexson was killed January 7 in the advance near Tillit Belgium. He was buried in Meuse France and was given a military burial. Mrs. Erexson has also received the Purple Heart.

Mr. and Mrs. E C Abernathy have received the Purple Heart from their son Sidney who is now hospitalized in Hawaii with an injury to his eye.

Mrs. George E Hotelling of Lawrenceville has been notified that her husband, Staff Sergeant George E Hotelling, 38, was killed in action November 25 in Italy. No account of circumstances was given in the message from the War Department. Leaving Lawrenceville with Company L in the spring of 1942 Staff Sergeant Hotelling went overseas in April of this year. Before his marriage to Miss Elsie Dolman, he had made his home with his grandparents, the late William Barnhouse and Mrs. Barnhouse of Sumner. Staff Sergeant Hotelling was a son of Avery Hotelling, now dead. His mother lives in Central Hole, Pennsylvania

Robert P Little
Lawrenceville April 23:  Staff Sergeant Casle Alexander Grove was killed in action July 27 in France; his widow has been notified by the War Department. He was previously reported seriously wounded. He is the son of Gus Grove of Lawrenceville Rt 3 who has two other sons overseas. Sgt. Grove graduated from Bridgeport High School in 1939 and was prominent in athletics.

A memorial service for Pfc. Glenn Barnett, killed in action on Luzon March 1 will be held in Sumner Sunday afternoon at 2:30 at United Brethren church.

Sgt. Dale VanGundy is reported missing and believed to be a German prisoner.

February Program  To commemorate the 207th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln this month, the Lawrence County Historical Society will feature noted Illinois author and lecturer, Tom Emery, at its meeting on Monday, February 22, 7:00 p.m. at the museum in Lawrenceville.