Saturday, February 13, 2016

Updates on Projects

Updates on Projects

The Illinois Historic Preservation Agency has set a hearing to determine if the bridge at 13th St. located between Main Street and Clark St., St. Francisville, Illinois should be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. If you wish to comment on whether this property should be nominated, please send your remarks to Andrew Heckenkamp, National Register Coordinator, Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, #1 Old State Capitol, Springfield, IL 62701 – 1507 by February 26, 2016.

The Historical Society wishes to send a big thank you to Ann S and at Scott S for the two refrigerators that they have donated… one for the museum and one for the research library. Both of these individual donors and the gifts are very much appreciated.

A bit of clarification… David Burgett’s stained-glass restoration project in the courthouse is not a project of the Lawrence County Historical Society. And while donation checks for this very worthwhile project can be sent to us and we will forward them to the appropriate account, this should not be considered a donation to the Lawrence County Historical Society for tax purposes. We are excited though about the project and hope David will give a program for us soon to show everyone how beautiful this piece of artwork is, and how necessary it is to restore it. 

Work on the Lanterman History Village project is on hold because of the cold weather.  Once spring comes, progress will begin again.  John C, having heard that vandals had broken into the Drs’ office sometime in the past and stolen the doctor’s bag, located another one (in much better condition) and donated it.  It is awaiting its ‘new home’ once the building has been restored and security installed. Thanks, John.

Among the other items donated in the last few weeks: A turquoise Singer portable sewing machine circa 1950s; some very stylish ladies’ hats 1940s, more yearbooks and school photographs…to name just a few.

If you have been in the museum lately you have seen most of the exhibit cases chairs etc. sitting in the middle of the room and noticed a distinct odor of paint. Tim L and his crew have been busy painting the walls while Bill Z and his crew have laid new carpet in the back rooms. Over at the research library the volunteers have moved and re-shelved the most of Irene Black’s collection and will soon be ready for an Open House.

In our Collections we have the original Souvenir of the City of Bridgeport book published in 1912. This has been reprinted and is available for sale on our website for $10.City of Bridgeport

Additionally we have just added the index pages for some of our other books. This way you can see if items of interest or people you know are mentioned in our books before you purchase. Not all books have indexes but check out the ones that do.   book indexes

Souvenir spoon of Bridgeport, IL
By the way would anyone out there be intrested in polishing some of our tarnished trophies?