Tuesday, February 9, 2016

School News

Bethany School  May 4, 1933 Mrs Florence Rosborough closed a successful term of school at Bethany Friday. The parents gathered at the noon hour and spread a dinner, after which the pupils and teacher gave a program.  Eight grade graduates are Maxine Webb, Eldon Patterson, John Kimmell, Henry William, Gray Castle and Gregory Groves. Mrs Rosborough has been hired for the next term at Bethany.

Bridgeport Leader Jan 11, 1940
A fire at Bethany school last Friday which is located 1 1/2 mile northeast of Applegate, was damaged on Friday afternoon.  The fire originated under the ceiling near the flue, and burned an 8 ft diameter hole.  The fire was extinguished by a bucket brigade. The directors say it will take 2 weeks to repair and school will be discontinued during this time.
Photo says Chauncey High School March 16, 1909

1st row L to R:  #2 Manley Paddick, #3 Jesse Mills, #4 Ed Waggoner, #5 Elba Paddick,
 #6 Asbury  Mills,   #7 Hugh Reynolds
2nd row: #1 Margaret Mushrush, #2 Selma Mills Lytle,# 3 Chole Mushrush Fearhilly?
3rd row    #5   Iva Amerman Waggoner,#7 Zelma Paddick Petty, #10 Verna Brown Legg

                   Identified by Zula Albert 1975   The other students are unidentified.