Saturday, February 20, 2016

Monday's Program--The Life of Abe Lincoln


            To commemorate the 207th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln this month, the Lawrence County Historical Society will feature noted Illinois author and lecturer, Tom Emery, at its meeting on Monday, February 22, 7:00 p.m. at the museum in Lawrenceville.

            Emery will speak on “Abraham Lincoln and his Family.”  The program will discuss the family life of Lincoln, including his wife, Mary, and four sons.  The personal lives of the Lincoln family are among the most debated topics in all of Lincoln studies.  Emery’s program will emphasize the everyday life of Lincoln – rather than his political career – his role as both father and husband, and the personality traits of his wife and children.

            Emery, who lives in Carlinville, is the author of more than twenty books and articles, has written a regular newspaper column on Illinois history, and has been recognized by the Illinois State Historical Society for his programs and lectures.  Two of his recent publications, “The Civil War in Illinois,” and “Eddie:  Lincoln’s Forgotten Son,”  will be available for sale.  The program is free and open to the public.

                                             SEE YOU MONDAY NIGHT!

After we ran the story about the WWII Deaths and POWS this week Art D added:
Robert Smith was the son of James and Violet Smith and brother of James II, William and Bernard Smith.  A person missing from the list was Jack Wall, son of George Wall and brother of Carol Wall Williams, now of Scottsdale, AZ.   Art Dale, Danville, IL

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David B also forwarded the following link about John Small,  Sheriff and gunsmith from Vincennes. Its an interesting article, but unfortunately doesn't mention the fact that John Small played a prominent part in Lawrence County history also, by building one of the first water mills on the west side of the Wabash, at Smallsburg.
  Click here to check it out       John Small, Gunsmith

We have been busy moving things around, so check out the new carpet in the back and how bright the front room is with the new paint on the walls. Also we put out a few of our vintage ladies' hats for some of you fashionistas to help us date--1940's-50's?

If any of you were detasselers or knew boys who were, Agri-Gold (Akin Seed Co) would like you to help them identify these young men who labored away in the summertime.  Just stop by the museum on Monday  or Fridays 10-3, or by appointment to look at the photos.  Thanks to Don S who loaned us the photos and helped us put us the kiosk.   

The photos below are of a piece of office equipment that needs to be identified by you history detectives.  We actually have quite a bit of research that needs to be done on various acquistions, so if you like to sit at your computer in your pajamas or whatever at home, and help us, just let us know.  You don't have to tell us what you wear, just tell us what this machine is and date it, and give us a bit of history about it.   There will not be a test....