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Lawrence County Jail Condemned and Other News of 1894

 Robinson Constitution    researched by D Foote

JULY 4, 1894
G.H. Goodlink pulled his new threshing outfit to Allison Prairie Monday.
Several from here (Flat Rock) attended the show at Lawrenceville Friday. Some of the boys cannot understand why lemonade sells for twenty cents a glass on show days.

JULY 11, 1894
J.S. Kingsbury of the Lawrenceville Republican was in Palestine on business last week.
Dr. H.M. Vaught of Pinkstaff attended church here (Flat Rock) Sunday night.

JULY 18, 1894
Lawrenceville people were surprised last Friday when they learned for the first time that Lawrenceville was never incorporated as a village. The fact came to light before Squire Walton in the case of the People vs W.A. Cochran for letting his cow run (free range through the town). The States Attorney failed to show this was an incorporated village and had to nolle the case. No record was ever made of the vote nor no certificate filed with the Secretary of State. Foster & Robinson and C.F. Breen were for the defendant. (LAWRENCEVILLE HERALD)

JULY 25, 1894
Messers, John Wampler and Henry Allison, two well-to-do farmers and prominent citizens of near Birds, were in the city Wednesday. (LAWRENCEVILLE HERALD)

AUGUST 1, 1894
Tol Parker, Jake Henry, Chas Metz and R.S. Pierson, spent a few days of last week fishing Horseshoe pond, near Russellville. The catch was several pounds of fun and a few fish.
Mrs. Jas. K. Dickerson of Lawrenceville, was called to Robinson Sunday by the illness of her daughter, Mrs. G.G. Stephens.

AUGUST 8, 1894
Oscar, Florence, Rose and Sam Broadstone of Lawrence County visited relatives in this neighborhood (Robinson ) last Saturday and Sunday.
A.J. Richardson of Flat Rock drilled a couple of wells at Lawrenceville, last week.
A little son of Dr. Jenner of Birds, had his foot badly crushed a few days since by a freight train. Another warning to boys to keep off the cars.
Hazel Montgomery, a former resident of this county, died in Saline County Tuesday. He was seining in a pond, complained of not feeling well and started for the bank. He dropped dead a few minutes after getting out of the water. His remains were brought to Birds and interred in the Ford cemetery. The I.O.O.F. conducted the burial services. Deceased was a son of Mr. Wiley Montgomery of Montgomery township. (LAWRENCEVILLE REPUBLICAN)

AUGUST 29, 1894
John Reynolds P.M. (post master) and sister Fannie, of Birds, visited Flat Rock Sunday.
Lawrence County grand jury returned eight indictments for violation of the stock law.

Mrs. Nancy Hunt of Lawrence County died Saturday evening aged about 73 years.
Mr. Mart Kirkwood and Wm Gillespie, prominent farmers living south of Lawrenceville, visited in this vicinity (Flat Rock) Saturday and Sunday.

SEPTEMBER 12, 1894
B.R. Fisher, circuit clerk of Lawrence County, was in Robinson Saturday between trains on his way over to Jasper County to visit his brother-in-law R. Bradbury.

SEPTEMBER 19, 1894
Mrs. John P. Regan, a former resident of this place, died at Lawrenceville Sunday evening.

SEPTEMBER 28, 1894
Wm Cochran's, who have been citizens of our community (New Hebron) for the past two years, moved to Lawrenceville last week. We are sorry to lose such good people from our neighborhood.
Monday last, Bert Little, Deputy Sheriff of Lawrence County, brought Gus Smith of that county here and placed him in jail. There are two indictments against Smith in Lawrence for robbing and burning a saloon at St. Francisville. He was brought here for safe keeping as the jail there has been condemned.

OCTOBER 3, 1894
Hon J.K. Dickerson of Lawrenceville, was re-elected member of the State Board of Agriculture for this district last Wednesday at Springfield.

OCTOBER 24, 1894
Palestine News: Dr. Vaught of Pinkstaff and Mrs. Rose L. Hackett of this village, were married here Thursday evening. Another wedding will soon follow. The above couple has our sympathy.
Dr. McGowen of Lawrenceville and Dr. Bristow of this place, removed a large cancer from the face of Grandma Young last Tuesday.
Eighteen Odd Fellows came up from Birds Friday night to attend lodge here but for some cause unknown to your correspondent our boys failed to materialize. Uncle Joe Mickey was in the crowd who has belonged to the order forty-eight years.

NOVEMBER 14, 1894
Will York and family of Pinkstaff, will move this week, into Albert Correll's house, near the tile mill at Trimble.
States Attorney McGaughey of Lawrenceville, was in Robinson Friday on legal business.

DECEMBER 5, 1894
C. L. Cochran, constable of Birds did business in Flat Rock Tuesday morning.
Charley Goodwin, who is freight conductor on the Big 4, had a narrow escape with his train one day recently. South of Lawrenceville as the train pulled around a curve and a bridge was discovered on fire but was so near that the train could not be checked and ran across it. The train had not gone more than fifty yards after crossing before the bridge fell in.
Monday the Sheriff of Lawrence County brought three men to Robinson and placed them in jail here, as the jail in that county has been condemned. The prisoners were arrested on suspicion of being implicated in "holding a man up" in Lawrence and robbing him of some $125.

DECEMBER 20, 1894
James Rowe was brought from Lawrence County and placed in jail here Friday for safe keeping. He purchased a suit of clothes in Lawrenceville and offered in payment a note with security, which turned out to be a forgery. Judge F.C. Meserve was one of the sureties on the note.
One of the men-Ramsey by name-who was brought here recently from Lawrence county and placed in jail, charged with holding a citizen of that county up to the tune of $140, must be a man of 'influence' with the craft. Sheriff Walters says he (Ramsey) gets a number of letters daily many of which contains sums of money in amounts from $5.00 to $50 with which to make a defense.

Ed Note:  The Robinson Constitution issues for the year 1895 are not available.