Thursday, February 11, 2016

Dr Powell Married 1859

Dr Kirkwood published  a nice biography of Dr. Powell in his book about early physicians in Lawrence County.

 John K. found the marriage announcement in the Weekly Vincennes Gazette, dated January 29, 1859.  This is pretty amazing…not because John found it because he finds amazing stuff like this all the time… but because published wedding announcements in the newspapers of that time were not that common.   Miss Riley would most likely be a sister of Daniel Gold's wife - the Gold's lived in the Riley mansion, to the north of the then new brick Presbyterian Church in Lawrenceville, now the Masonic Hall.

Date: January 29, 1859

MARRIED on the 25th inst., by the Rev. J. B. Saye, Dr. I. A. POWELL to Miss P. RILEY, all of Lawrenceville , Ills.
The Doctor and his fair bride have our best wishes for their prosperity and happiness.

As down the stream of life they go
Toward that far off, "better land,"
May Love in sweetest currents flow,
To keep them one in heart and hand.

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