Friday, February 19, 2016

Channel Cat Tales Red Hills State Park

Channel Cat Tales:  Water and How It Shaped the Way We Play

There is no date on this clipping but the caption reads:  "Yesterday afternoon in Sumner the owners of land in the Red Hills are of western Lawrence County exchanged deeds to their property for State of Illinois checks.  The land is  to be converted into a new State Park.

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Bridgeport Leader April 30, 1953  $8981 for construction of a shelter building in Red Hill State Parks has been allocated. It is expected that the contract will be let within a few days so the contractor Feurer Brothers at Marion will proceed with the construction immediately. Bids are being taken on the improvements to the roads and parking areas in the park and it is expected that the improvements planned will take care of the serious dust problem encountered each summer. The Department of Conservation is working on plans for the construction of a lake at Red Hill State Park. Surveys are being made testing the soils for the construction of a dam. In the hope of focusing greater attention on the park the Fourth of July celebration was staged in the park last year by the Red Hills Development Corporation in cooperation with other organizations and interested citizens.

Bridgeport Leader March 27, 1958
Admission charges will become effective Tuesday, April 1 at Red Hill State Park. The daily admission charge will be  $.10 per person of 12 years of age or older and $.10 per automobile. It is possible for persons to avoid the daily charge with the purchase of a two dollar windshield sticker which will permit all occupants of the car to enter any of the 31 parks where admission charges are to be collected at any time.
Funds derived from the admission charges are placed in the state park find which also includes monies obtained by the state from concessionaires at all the parks. All this money must be used for new permanent improvements in land acquisition according to the legislation.

April 3, 1958 Local fishermen watched workmen as 3000 large channel catfish were placed gently into the waters at Red Hills State Park Lake Friday. More than 15 tubs of 12 to 14 inch fish weighing a pound each were released. These pan size cats dropped into the water, rushed to the shore, then floated for seconds before realizing they were enjoying the freedom of the lake. Reports are current that about 3000 red-ears of about a pound each had previously been placed into the lake by the Conservation Department. The lake has been stocked each year with larger and larger fish.