Friday, February 12, 2016

Channel Cat Tales The Flood of 1904

Water and How It Changed Our Lives

Vincennes Commercial Thursday, April 14, 1904 
Allison Township is Heavy Loser: Flood Causes $150,000 Loss of Wheat – Floating Island

The destruction of property by the flood is just beginning to be realized by the farmers. Several Illinois farmers were interviewed yesterday and they united in saying their loss is very great. The loss of wheat alone in Allison Township is estimated at $150,000. The wheat is about all killed.

William Warner says the water did some strange things. He said a large drift composed largely of huge cornstalks covered an area of about 5 acres, and packed solid to a depth of about 4 feet was carried by the current on to his wheat field and lodged on a wire fence. He went in a boat and cut the wire so it would drift on down to pasture field. It was carried by the high winds on down to the pasture below, where it lodged again on a wire fence. He thought that the best place for it and let it alone. The next morning the entire floating island of cornstalks had retraced its path, by the changing of the wind, and had gone over a half mile to the upper end of his farm on another wheat field, where it is now securely settled, as the water is falling. He says this drift will take the greater part of the summer to burn, as it stays wet a long time. He remarked,” that drift pile has knocked me out of going to the world's fair.”

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