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Bloodhounds, Drowning and Bootleg Whiskey 1896

Robinson Constitution    Researched by D Foote

JANUARY 1,1896
Miss Sadie Tilroe, of Pinkstaff, visited her parents in Flat Rock Sunday.
Joe Stevenson, a frail deaf mute living near Birds, wandered away from home last week and got lost. He was found near Andy Henderson's five miles west of Robinson, last Saturday by G.D. McCarty and Savilla Shipman, who brought him to this city. He had slept in a straw stack the night before. Ice had formed at the bottom of his trousers and hung in great ugly bumps against his bare flesh. He was chilled into helplessness and was staggering around vainly endeavoring to walk. He could not have survived much longer. Being taken to warm by a fire (stove)  at the depot, the re-action caused him to faint. A ticket was purchased for him and he was sent home. This terrible experience may bring an attack of pneumonia, if nothing more serious results.

AUGUST 12, 1896
Hon. A.J. Hunter will speak at Nuttall's grove in Petty township, Lawrence county, Tuesday August 18, at 1 P.M. He spoke in Crawford Co "Free Silver vs Existing Gold Standard."

AUGUST 19, 1896
Deputy Sheriff Houston, ever on alert for violators, arrested Frank Jones of Lawrence county and John Mayfield of Sanborn, Ind., for boot-legging whiskey at the reunion at Oblong last week. (Annual reunion of Civil War Vets) Jones had a preliminary hearing before Esq. Gill and was bound over in a bail of $200 to await the action of the grand jury. Failing to fill the bond he was brought to this city and lodged in jail. Mayfield was arrested about midnight and left in charge of a couple of men while  Houston went after witnesses. Mayfield saw a chance and darted out into the darkness and made good his escape.

Moses C. Petty age 25-Petty Twp.
Minnie M. Hunt age 18
A.J. Richards went to Pinkstaff Monday morning with his bloodhounds to track some chicken thieves. He caught the guilty parties on Allison Prairie.

W. A. Herndon, of Oblong, was in the city Friday on his way to Sumner, where he will do barbering. He will probably move his family to that place soon.
A. C. Darnold, who moved last spring from his farm in South Honey Creek to his farm in the Embarrass bottom just south of Westport, was drowned in the river near his home Sunday. Mr. Darnold left his home, which is near the river, at noon, got into a skiff and was not seen any more until seen by one of his boys, a lad of ten years, who saw him struggling in the water and finally disappeared beneath the surface. Mr. Darnold has been in very ill health and it is supposed that while standing up in the boat he lost his balance and fell into the water, and being unable to swim lost his life. The coroner of Lawrence county was summoned, held an inquest, referring a victim of accidental drowning, Deceased was buried Monday at Charlottsville cemetery.

SEPTEMBER 16, 1896
Some months ago there was not a little talk in this county of prospecting for oil and gas, especially at Robinson and Palestine; but it was only talk. The fever is on, to some practical degree, it seems in Lawrence county, as a company has been organized to bore at Bridgeport.
Mrs. A.C. Darnold will move from their farm near Westport to their farm near Villas Tuesday.

SEPTEMBER 23, 1896
Sheriff Roderich of Lawrenceville was in town Monday.
The bloodhounds from this place made two trips to Bridgeport the past week, a store being robbed Monday and Saturday night. They were successful both trips.