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News in 1894

Robinson Constitution      (ISSUES from March 1893-January 1894 are missing)

JANUARY 3, 1894
Lawrenceville was visited by a $15,000 fire one night last week. The fire started in the clothing store which was destroyed. The grocery and hardware store of T.C. Watts was burned, also the Strubel and Mrs. Charley's store building. The buildings were insured.

JANUARY 10, 1894
Prairie Lodge No. 20, I.O.O.F., located at Birds, Ill., will dedicate their new hall on the 25th day of January, 1894. All Odd Fellows and the public, is cordially invited. By order of:
Henry Allison      Wm E. McClure       John Zehner-Committee

JANUARY 17, 1894
From the Lawrenceville Herald we learn that Dr. E.J. Jenner, of Birds, is a candidate for the House of Representatives. The doctor is well known by the citizens in the south part of this county.

JANUARY 31, 1894
By a writer for the paper:  Thursday afternoon last in company with several more Bros, of Mystic Tribe of Odd Fellows we boarded the southbound accommodation for Birds. At Flat Rock several members from the Lodge there, joined us and went along to that thriving village where we met a number from Heathsville Lodge and from Lodges in Lawrence county. The occasion of this assembling of hosts was the dedication of an Odd Fellows' hall there. We take occasion to say that the Brethren of Prairie Lodge No. 20, have covered themselves with glory, and deserve much credit, for building such a nicely arranged commodious hall, and the citizens of that vicinity should give them all the encouragement possible, for it is a credit to the town and will be of advantage in many ways. The address of welcome was made by J.H. Daly N.G. and responded to by A.L. Maxwell of Flat Rock.
Dedication exercises were conducted in a very impressive manner by D.G.M. Henry Allison and his assistants. John L. Martin of Bridgeport, addressed the audience on "The Sunny Side of Odd Fellowship," followed by A.H. Jones of Robinson, subject "Fraternity."
D.G.M. Allison then made the welcome announcement that across the street awaited a banquet at the expense of Prairie Lodge No. 20 and for one and all to repair there at once, which was done and if anyone left that festal board hungry it was his own fault as it was there in plenty. This public dedication has done good already, as a friend remarked to us before the exercises were completed: "I have seen enough now to satisfy myself and I intend to become a member at once." So let the good work go on and may the membership of Prairie Lodge never grow less, but increase an hundred fold.

FEBRUARY 28, 1894
The Lawrence County election was held last Saturday. Hon George N. Fithian's vote was 1095. He ran ahead of Judge Frank C. Meserve's vote 15. Judge Meserve's vote being 1080. Judge Meserve is deservedly one of the most popular judges Lawrence county ever had, and had no opposition this election. Hon. Ed Black beat Dr. Jenner for representative, 219. Carl Busse was nominated for County Clerk, and Flanders for Sheriff, Mowery for Treasurer, and Lackey for Superintendent of Schools.

MARCH 7, 1894
O. Ed. Pinkstaff a prominent farmer living south of Birds was badly crippled Saturday by a team of horses running away.

Lewis Mushrush of Southwest township,Crawford County candidate for the nomination for treasurer on the Republican ticket, and has lived in the county forty years, enlisted in the army in 1861 at the age of 16 years and served to the close of the war, has been a Constable, Justice of the Peace, Assessor, Census renumerator, school Director fifteen years and has represented his township six years as supervisor, worked on the line that brought about the investigation of the county books, hales from a township that has never had a candidate, and if nominated will make the other fellow hustle.
The Sumner Press says: Lew was a member of the same regiment as the editor of the press, during the late unpleasantness, and we saw enough of him to fully make up our minds the he would do to tie to. He was hardly sixteen when he enlisted, and after serving two years, when the opportunity came, Jan 1, 1864, to re-enlist, he did not, like many, say "The county might go to the devil" he said he came to see the thing out, and re-enlisted and with Sherman, marched down to the Sea, through the Carolinas and was in the Grand Review of Washington. May 24, '65. Coming home he engaged in that most independent of all occupations, farming.

MARCH 21, 1894
G.P. Gordon has purchased two acres of ground from Bowden & Huffman, adjoining the Corporation, for $125 per acre. LAWRENCEVILLE HERALD

APRIL 16, 1894
An Olney man was seized by a gang of White Caps, in Sumner last week, and was roughly handled by the regulators. A rope was placed around his neck and he was given minutes to pray. After exacting a promise he would leave Sumner never to return he was permitted to depart on the first train. OLNEY REPUBLICAN

APRIL 25, 1894
Several went to the Beaver Lake in Lawrence county last week fishing. They report a nice time and a 25 pound catch.

MAY 2, 1894
R.A. Gill went to Lawrenceville, last Monday, where he in engaged in the harness making business.
The tile works at Hutsonville shipped a car load of hollow bricks, to Lawrenceville this week.
Ollie McCaw, who lately closed a term of school in Lawrence county, spent a few days last week visiting with his uncle, Mr. Ira King, before leaving for his home in Rolla, Missouri.

JUNE 6, 1894
A hard storm destroyed considerable wheat in Lawrence County, last week, cutting some fields down clear.

JUNE 13, 1894
An I.O.O.F. Lodge was instituted at Lawrenceville, lately, and starts with a membership of fifty-four.

JUNE 20, 1894
Dr. Vaught of Allison Prairie, also Mrs. Carter of Pinkstaff visited the family of Wm. Cochran of New Hebron last week. Mrs. C. is a sister of Mr. Cochran.

JUNE 27, 1894

Alva Paddick of Crawford County and Miss Laura M. Sharrock of Lawrence County, were married yesterday morning by Rev Kitch at his home in this city. OLNEY DEMOCRAT