Saturday, January 16, 2016

News and Quilts

Things are pretty busy at the museum and the new library.  (Did I mention how grateful we are to the donor for giving us that building?) The majority of the genealogy collection has been moved from Bridgeport, and is now awaiting shelving in the various rooms. 

At the museum the work continues also.  Our photographer Irene J is busy continuing the work of John H.  Last week she was taking photographs of some of our quilts.  These items are then entered into the inventory along with the photo and any information we have about that particular item.  Here are three of the quilts for you quilters out there to help us identify the patterns.  (I think you can click on the photos to enlarge.) on the photos to enlarge.)

Kaye F continues organizing the yearbooks, teacher ledgers and school board minutes for the School collection.  She is now compiling the names of teachers for various country schools.  If you have ever wondered what grades your great grandparents received or if they were tardy, AND you know the school and year she might be able to assist you.  If you are not sure of the school, but you know where they lived we can probably identify the school closest to their home and see if they attended. 

Nancy K is continuing to inventory the military uniform collection. At last count we had 24. Stop by and see the archival methods she is using to preserve these county treasures.  To apply for some of the grants the Society needs certain government forms completed.  We have long been a 501c organization which means that any donation you make is tax-deductible, but to receive money from the government one needs to a complete a SAMS application, and according to Nancy, she has finally accomplished that task.  (She said she will never do it again!)

A teacher from Texas is working on a project for the American Battlefield Monument Commission, and has inquired about a young man who trained at George Field, died in an air crash during WWII and is buried in Italy.  Kaye F was able to send some photographs from yearbooks that we had relating to the Base.  Our readers might be interested in the ABMC’s website. This database includes the records for those buried and memorialized at our World War I and World War II overseas, military cemeteries, along with those names on the Walls of the Missing at the East Coast Memorial, West Coast Memorial, and Honolulu Memorial. Burial information can also be found for those interred at Corozal American Cemetery and Mexico City National Cemetery. This database does not include individuals who died overseas in World War I or World War II and were repatriated to the United States for burial.

Speaking of research Kevin B is working on biographies for all WWI veterans from Lawrence County so if you have family letters or stories from that era he would be interested in seeing them.  I think he has 958 men identified so far.

Since the word is out that the Museum is open on Mondays, we have been having quite a few visitors.  Why don’t you stop in the next time you are in town?