Thursday, January 7, 2016

Important Announcement

The Lawrence County Historical Society is  happy to announce that thanks to a very GENEROUS donor we have acquired the old Kemper Building on Lexington Street in Lawrenceville. This 4000 square foot building is ideal for a genealogy library, The Board has made the difficult decision to relocate the Irene Black Library from Bridgeport to Lawrenceville.

A very dedicated group of volunteers have spent most of the holiday season packing and moving books and shelves.  To name a few: John and Nancy King, Larry Curry, Dan and Holly Scherer,Butch and Jane Cunningham, Flossie Price, Joyce Brunson, Kevin Borden, Irene Jackman, and a son and son-in-law who were visiting me and couldn't figure out a way to get out of it.....Others have helped as well and will now begin the arduous task of sorting and re- shelving. Needless to say we are VERY excited.

In the middle of the move another generous donor came forward with file cabinets, tables, chairs, and computer stations, and Jack Sowles provided several custom made bookcases that he had constructed from local walnut trees, had cut and planed especially for the project.

The move is not complete so more helpers would be appreciated--not just to help move boxes but also to sort and shelve.Call John King, or send me an email...please.   Items that we could use include a working nice looking refrigerator- as well as an college type sized one for the museum.

At some time in the future we will have an open house and share this wonderful gift with the community.  (And if anyone wants to buy a building in Bridgeport, contact Mike Neal...its perfect for an office.)