Saturday, January 30, 2016



Preservation is one of the primary goals of our Historical Society.   We help conserve, preserve and restore artifacts that are integral to the history of Lawrence County. We understand that there are many ways to portray local history, but there is nothing like being in the physical presence of an object to make history real. Preservation cannot just mean storing assets and being the ‘county’s attic.’  We have a commitment to make those materials accessible to researchers, historians, and the general public when they stop by the museum or the new genealogy library.

While perhaps not as exciting as preserving artifacts or information, but just as important is preserving our buildings.  Repairs on the Museum building have been deferred too many times in the past. Each year the amounts requested to fix the roof or update the electricity consistently exceed the amount we have available to spend. With every passing year that maintenance is deferred, the need becomes more pressing.

Membership dues pay for some of the things that the Historical Society does: the newsletter, the annual fee for the website, fees and travel expenses for speakers, and subsidizing the activities that the community has come to enjoy such Lunch and Learn, the cemetery tours, and the photo contest.

The monthly costs of keeping the Museum building, and now the new Genealogical library open also have to be paid. These include electricity, gas, water, sewer, insurance, maintenance, etc. However when these are paid, there is little left over, and sometimes not even enough to go around.

That is why we are asking today for those of you who have the means to provide us with additional support. Please send in a donation today to carry forward the important and unique work of the Society.

You may send a check to PO Box 425 Lawrenceville, IL 62439 payable to Lawrence County Historical Society* or go to our website and donate now with PayPal.*

*We are a  501(c) (3) organization as determined by the IRS and your donations will be tax deductible.